TourMagination is Taking a Group to Cuba under the Religious Travel Category

As you may have heard, on June 5th, 2019 the United States Government issued new rules governing travel to Cuba by American citizens. Canadians Jack & Irene Suderman have been taking groups, mostly of Americans, on educational tours to Cuba for the last several years. Under the new guidelines, group educational travel is no longer permitted. Knowing that a reduction in travel to Cuba will impact the livelihoods of ordinary Cubans, we wanted to find a way to continue offering the tour.

In light of the new rules issued by the U.S. government, we have strengthened the faith focus of the tour and renamed it. We are confident that the Peace-Building Tour to Cuba, January 16 to 26, 2020 with Jack & Irene Suderman, fits the American government’s “religious travel” category, which is still allowed. READ the Treasury Department’s FAQs about the new restrictions (See section 18 for details).

TourMagination’s desire has always been to help North American people of faith visit countries with open hearts and minds. We seek to build peace and understanding as we respectfully interact with local people. This Cuba tour will continue this focus that is so close to our hearts.

On our Peace-Building Tour to Cuba, January 16 to 26, 2020 (FROM USD $3,838; CAD $4,989), North American travellers will have rare opportunities to engage with Cuban citizens during visits to NGOs and a worship service at a local church. We’ll also reflect on the role of churches and non-governmental organizations in Cuban society during the Communist era. In addition, we will visit museums, markets, a sustainable farm, and Varadero beach.

Meet Cuban church leaders, like this husband and wife who are leaders among the Brethren in Christ.

On this special tour, you will catch a glimpse of the real Cuba and its people beyond the resorts and tourist attractions. It would be difficult to replicate this tour on your own. You will also be invited to collect and bring supplies, requested by our contacts in Cuba, to alleviate some of their growing shortages.

TourMagination has made the necessary arrangements so that U.S. citizens wishing to travel to Cuba can do so.  VIEW the itinerary.

Contact us at 1 800-565-0451 or if you have questions about the tour or your travel arrangements. Or REGISTER NOW to join a good core group of travellers who have already signed up!

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