Tour Leader John Sharp with a group in the Wieliczka Salt Mine on an Anabaptist Heritage tour in Poland.
Tour Leader John Sharp with a group in the Wieliczka Salt Mine on an Anabaptist Heritage tour in Poland.

There are many benefits of going on a group tour with a company that shares your values.

1. You Don’t Have to Research Where to Go or What to See

Photo of a group tour to see The Ark in Bukhara on Great Trek Heritage tour

A TourMagination group tour visiting The Ark in Bukhara, Uzbekistan on a Great Trek tour with Mennonite historian John Sharp. 

Let’s face it, researching sights can be time-consuming and a bit of gamble. It’s hard to tell if something is actually worth seeing. During TourMagination’s 49+ year history, we have planned group tours to dozens of countries around the world and found fantastic sights to see, excellent places to stay, and wonderful places to eat. Whenever possible, we take travellers to independently owned lodgings and restaurants. We also have strong relationships with local tour guides in numerous countries. In addition, we select sights that are representative of the culture in a location and we look for ways to connect with non-profit groups with Anabaptist and Christian connections.

Some locations like Central Asia, where TourMagination takes a Silk Road Great Trek heritage tour, are complex and difficult to travel in without assistance. The Holy Land is another place best visited on a group tour for maximum insight and enjoyment.

“I enjoy touring with a group because I don’t have to worry about booking accommodations or deciding where to eat or what to see,” says Anne, who has travelled on 13 plus TourMagination tours.

2. Someone Else Handles the Logistics

It’s hard to make the most of your time while travelling. TourMagination arranges in-country travel by coach, train, boat, or airplane. We also coordinate visits to attractions and some pre-arranged meals at restaurants plus one-of-a-kind visits with local people. Our partner, Bonaventure Travel, is happy to arrange your air travel to and from home to meet your tour group.

3. The Travel Company Gathers a Group of Like-Minded People

Holy Land group tour with a peace building focus.

Peace Pilgrim Holy Land tour group at Caeserea Maritima in front of the Mediterranean Sea.

Not everyone has a regular group of friends or family to travel with. TourMagination has connections with hundreds of people you might like to meet. Many have a faith background. Most live in North America and have an open-minded curiosity that makes them want to see the world.

“I like interacting with individuals who have different life experiences and different professions, “ says Anne.

4. Expert Tour Leaders To Guide You

Travelling with a group also enables you to bring an expert tour leader to enrich your visit. We choose people well-known in the Mennonite and Christian communities in North America who are knowledgeable about a topic relevant to the tour. Many of our tour leaders have travelled to, lived in, and/or worked in the countries we tour. They can often open doors to experiences you could never have on your own. Like Jack & Irene Suderman who introduce you to locals in Cuba that they know from their 30+ years of visiting and working alongside the Cuban church. Or Nelson Kraybill, President of Mennonite World Conference, who leads many of our Holy Land tours.

5. There is Safety in Numbers

Safety can be a concern, particularly for single women. Travelling with a group and a knowledgeable tour leader allows you to relax and enjoy yourself even in out-of-the way places.

Choose a Company That Shares Your Values

When choosing a group travel provider, it’s important to find a company that shares your values. If you resonate with the agency, it’s more likely you will have an outstanding experience on tour.

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