Resources to Research Your Mennonite Family History

General Online Resources
• GRANDMA (Genealogical Registry and Database of Mennonite Ancestry)
• SAGA (Swiss Anabaptist Genealogical Association)
• Find A Grave
• GAMEO (Global Mennonite Encyclopedia Online)
• Records of Mennonites in Prussia, Russia, Canada and beyond
• MAID (Mennonite Archival Image Database)
• Dutch (Low German) Mennonite DNA project
• Swiss Mennonite DNA project
Directory of North American Mennonite Historical Agencies
• Mennonite maps

Canadian Online Resources
• Mennonite Heritage Centre
• Manitoba local history books
• Some Manitoba newspapers
• Canadian censuses: 1825-1921
• Mennonite Historian
• Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies
• Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan
• Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta
• Mennonite Historical Society of BC
• Mennonite historical society of Manitoba
• Canadian immigration records
• Canada’s local history books online
• Probate records for Saskatchewan
• Probate records for Manitoba
• Manitoba vital statistics
• Saskatchewan vital statistics

Published Church registers:
• Bergthal Gemeinde Buch (includes the Bergthal colony Russia, immigration lists 1874-1880, and more)
• Sommerfeld Gemeinde Buch
• Profiles of the Kleine Gemeinde
• Reinlaender Gemeinde Buch
• 1880 village census of the Mennonite West Reserve
• Rudnerweider Mennoniten Gemeinde

Other Hardcopy Resources to Consider
• Mennonite Historical Atlas (Kindred Productions)
• Census data, obituaries, immigration lists
• For published family histories see public libraries, college and Bible school libraries, Mennonite universities, provincial or state archives, and the various Mennonite archives.

Telling Your Family Story
If you have an interest in having your story or your family’s story preserved in writing, but need some help in doing so, Elsie Loewen is a writer who specializes in biographies. Contact her at or (403) 248-8549.