TourMagination enables people of faith to explore, experience, and expand their world through group travel.

About TourMagination

Founded in 1970 to share the Mennonite heritage story in Europe, TourMagination has led group tours for people of faith in more than 50 countries and to every continent. In addition to pilgrimages and Holy Land tours with a peace focus, we offer cultural learning, natural wonders, heritage, and custom tours, as well as cruises.

With a distinctive blend of learning and recreation, expect an authentic cultural experience as you interact with locals on our tours. Our expert tour leaders and knowledgeable in-country guides help you understand the significance of sites. Also enjoy community with like-minded travelers.

Some of our tours include times of spiritual reflection and connecting with local communities of faith in the countries we visit. We often learn about non-profit projects on short visits to organizations like Mennonite Central Committee in host nations.

TourMagination tours also inspire a connection to the natural world. Whether it’s a tour walking in the Alps or going on safari in Africa, you will celebrate the beauty of creation.

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