2024 Classic Anabaptist European Tour


    On this classic Anabaptist heritage tour in Europe, visit significant sites that will bring to life the stories of Menno Simons, Jacob Hutter, Pilgram Marpeck, Dirk Willems, Jakob Amman, and other important Anabaptist leaders. See the historic Dutch village of Zaanse Schans, take a cable car up Stockhorn mountain, reflect in a cave where Anabaptists worshipped in secret, and stay in the homes of generous, hospitable locals in the town of Berlikum. Also explore art and culture in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Austria. Experienced tour leader and former Hesston College Professor John Sharp will guide you on this journey of discovery and fellowship.

    2024 Discover Prague & the Mennonite Sojourn in Poland

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    This delightful tour combines sight-seeing in Eastern Europe with investigating the history of Mennonites in Poland. During a few days in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, marvel at colourful baroque buildings, Gothic churches, and the city’s famous Old Town Square. Also visit important sites in Krakow and Warsaw in Poland. Guided by Mennonite historian, John Sharp, learn more about the country that sheltered Dutch and German Mennonites beginning as early as the 1530’s right up to the Second World War. Some families stayed in the Vistula Delta of Poland for generations, later migrating to South Russia, Ukraine, and the American Midwest.

    2024 Switzerland: An Alpine Adventure

    Fill your lungs with fresh mountain air and see incredible views as you ascend peaks by cable car, hike mountain-top paths and wander valley trails. Explore the Swiss mountain village of Mürren and surrounding area for three days. See the nearby Lauterbrunnen Valley, with its subterranean, glacial Trümmelbach Falls. Then set up a basecamp in Grindelwald village in Switzerland’s Bernese Alps, from which you can enjoy Eiger Mountain and a glacial gorge featuring trails with interpretive signs, waterfalls and striated limestone walls. Also take a walking tour in Zurich, a city closely tied to Roman and Anabaptist history. We will spend our final night in Lucerne, considered by many to be the most beautiful medieval city in Switzerland with a fjord-like lake and surrounding mountains. 

    2024 Anabaptist Story in Europe Tour


    This European heritage tour traces the Anabaptist/Mennonite story through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and the Netherlands. Visits to significant sites will bring to life the stories of Jakob Amman, Martin Luther, Michael Sattler, Pilgram Marpeck, and many other Reformation and Anabaptist leaders. Other tour highlights include: an afternoon cruise on the Rhine River, a visit to the Rijksmuseum, standing in caves where Anabaptists worshipped in secret, visiting Trachselwald Castle, riding a cable-car up a mountain, and visiting the Weierhof, a semi-communal Mennonite village. Experienced tour storyteller Ayold Fanoy will share insights as you travel in these beautiful countries that were so important to our Anabaptist ancestors.

    2024 Adriatic Treasures of Croatia, Greece, & Italy Cruise

    Embark on a captivating journey as you depart from the ancient city of Athens, setting sail for a voyage that intertwines history, culture, and scenic beauty. Your first destination unfolds in the medieval Croatian city of Zadar, where the echoes of history resonate through narrow streets and ancient landmarks. Continue your exploration to Korcula, a picturesque island known for its well-preserved medieval architecture, before reaching the iconic city of Dubrovnik. Wander through its famed city walls, adorned with history and surrounded by the azure Adriatic Sea. The cruise then leads you to the enchanting city of Venice, where you’ll find yourself lost in the charm of its pedestrian-friendly streets, adorned with historic palaces, bridges, and canals. As the sun sets over the Venetian lagoon, you’ll be immersed in the unique atmosphere that makes Venice a timeless and romantic destination. Leaving the Adriatic behind, the cruise sails towards the sun-washed town of Olympia, a place where ancient Greek history and the spirit of the Olympic Games come to life. As you soak in the rich heritage of Olympia, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready for the final leg of your journey. The adventure concludes as you arrive back at Piraeus (Athens), completing the cruise full circle. Enriched with the experiences of medieval Croatia, the timeless beauty of Venice, and the historical significance of Olympia, this itinerary promises a memorable exploration of the Adriatic and Greek treasures.

    Commemorating 500 years of Anabaptism: Friends of Grebel European Tour


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    Explore Anabaptist beginnings on a European tour with staff, alumni, and friends of Conrad Grebel University College. Alongside our faculty experts Troy Osborne and David Neufeld, follow this story from the Netherlands through Germany, France, and Switzerland, at the places where the events of greatest significance to this tradition occurred. Enrich your understanding of this history by visiting the Dutch village of Zaanse Schans, mounting the Swiss Alps in a cable car, and reflecting in a cave where Anabaptists once worshipped in secret. Engage great works of European art and culture at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum and Strasbourg’s cathedral. Finally, connect past to present by joining Anabaptists from around the world at a 500th-anniversary commemoration of the first adult baptisms in Zurich organized by Mennonite World Conference.

    Anabaptism @ 500: Class & Gender

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    Explore Anabaptist beginnings on a European tour with staff, alumni, and friends of Eastern Mennonite University. Seize the unique opportunity to visit Anabaptist sites in Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and the Netherlands with a special emphasis on how women and peasants shaped the Anabaptist movement. See the house outside of Vienna where an Anabaptist woman was chained to her kitchen to keep her from preaching in the streets. Have coffee in an Anabaptist noblewoman’s castle in Kitzbühel. Visit the magisterial center of Tirol where Anabaptist women who were unable to escape Habsburg jailers were held and questioned. Tie these stories in with those of other significant Anabaptist figures and sites as you visit the Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof) where Hans Hutter was burned, Conrad Grebel’s house, Felix Manz’s mother’s house, caves where Anabaptists worshipped in secret, and much more. Along the way, take in some of Europe’s finest cultural landmarks like Vienna’s Ringstrasse or the towering Baroque-style Melk Abbey. The main portion of the tour ends in Zürich, where Anabaptists from all over the world will join together to celebrate 500 years of Anabaptism. On an optional tour extension, make your way up to the Netherlands with stops in Strasbourg and Münster on the way. Historians Mary Sprunger and Kim Schmidt will lead with historical expertise and extensive personal travel experience.

    Schürch Family Tour

    THIS IS A CUSTOM PROGRAM. Registration by invitation only.

    Trace your family and faith story through the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland! Begin in Amsterdam with visits to the famous Aalsmeer flower auction and Singel Mennonite Church. Explore historic Dutch villages, hidden Mennonite churches, and an open-air museum. Cruise along the majestic Rhine River. Browse Mennonite archives in the Weierhof, and foster new connections with a local church congregation. Immerse yourself in the captivating landscapes of the Emmental, visit homesteads directly related to your family’s history and enjoy the company of relatives. Ascend Schilthorn Mountain for breathtaking views. Uncover the origins of the Anabaptist movement on a Zürich walking tour. Conclude the tour with a meaningful time of worship and reflection in the most unique setting: the Anabaptist Cave at Bäretswil, where Anabaptists once worshipped in secret. Experienced tour storyteller Ayold Fanoy will share insights as you travel in these beautiful countries that were so important to your Anabaptist ancestors.

Europe, the birthplace of the Anabaptist story, is the second-smallest continent by physical size but is the third largest by population. Comprised of four regions (northern, western, southern and eastern Europe), the majority of TourMagination’s tours to the region focus on western Europe where the beginning of Anabaptist movement is explored in greater depth.

Much of Mennonite culture is shaped by European influence, whether it shows in traditional foods enjoyed on special occasions, or in dialects still spoken today. While traveling through the various regions of Europe, TourMagination ensures you have an opportunity to sample local delicacies and explore the culture of the local region.