2023 Peace Building Tour to Cuba

    On this one-of-a kind tour of Cuba, see beyond the all-inclusive resorts to the heart of this island nation which has engaged in a far-reaching social, cultural, political, economic and religious experiment since 1959. Cubans have experienced amazing successes as well as difficult challenges during this time that they call “The Revolution”. Our storytellers, Jack and Irene Suderman, have a 30-year history of relating to the church in Cuba, as well as with government officials. Guided by the Sudermans, you will build connections across cultures and delight in the natural beauty of Cuba. Also worship with local churches and enjoy rare opportunities to engage with Cuban citizens. Reflect on the role of churches and NGO’s in this society as we visit some non-profit organizations. TourMagination has the details arranged for Americans to travel safely and legally on this tour.

Whether you are looking for a breaking from winter or a chance to learn more about Mennonites from other countries, TourMagination offers a number of tours close to home.  Join us for a cruise to parts of the Caribbean or for a visit to the Mexican colonies.