6 Tips for your Next Vacation Close to Home

With restrictions on international travel, sometimes we forget that there are many things to see and do in our own backyards. Below are six tips to help you make the most of a local trip.

  1.    Discover What’s Special About Your Area.Most cities and regions have local tourism websites that list local points of interest (see a list below). You can also go to www.tripadvisor.com and search the area you want to visit for suggestions on attractions, accommodations, restaurants, shopping, and things to do. Traveller reviews and comments can help you decide what to see.
  2.    Consult with Your Travel Companions.Show your travelling companions what you discovered. Discuss the level of activity versus relaxation that each person wants. Agree on where you want to go and what you to do together and what you might do individually. There’s nothing wrong with having a nap at the hotel while your more active companion visits one more site or goes shopping.
  3.    Create an Itinerary.To make the most of your time, and ensure it feels like a real trip, develop an itinerary. Book the hotels or bed & breakfasts with the features you want (hot tub or indoor pool? Breakfast included?) Make reservations at restaurants with the food you love or something you’ve never tried. Verify open hours as you plan attraction visits.
  4.    Tap into Local Expertise. Join a paid or free guided walking tour to learn about the history, art, architecture, and cultural features of the location. Take an organized day trip. Book a unique experience, such as visiting a local farm or going on a doughnut tasting tour. Search Airbnb.com by location and “Experiences” to find enticing options.
  5.    Stay Safe. Call ahead or visit websites to find out about any activity restrictions or guidelines you need to follow. Travel with masks, latex gloves, hand sanitizer and other supplies that help you protect yourself and others from the virus.
  6. Wander with Wide-Eyed Wonder. Just as you would in an unfamiliar place,be open and observant. Look way up and way down to see what you usually miss. Notice architectural details. Observe the people around you and look into their eyes as you smile at them. Sip your beverage. Chew every bite slowly as you savour your meals.Watch the sunrise and start your day (or go back to bed). 

With some planning and a positive attitude, travelling close to home can be fun, and we could all use a little fun right now!

 Some Local Travel Websites:

Elkhart, Indiana

Hesston, Kansas

Bluffton, Ohio

Albany, Oregon

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Harrisonburg, Virginia

Waterloo, Ontario

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Visit local tourism sites and Tripadvisor to find great attractions in your area.

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