Safe Arrival in Tel Aviv – Holy Land Tour, Day 2

By tour leader Ingrid Reichard

Exploring Tel Aviv

Goodies for sale in the Carmel Market

The red-eye flight, necessary to make it to the Middle East, is probably the toughest part of our journey.

We all made it over the pond and to Tel Aviv without an incident and many commented that the flight did not feel as long as they thought it would. Thank you Jesus!

After a short rest we took to the roads of Tel Aviv, drove along the beautiful coastal road and strolled through the Carmel (or Camel) Market. The market offers local produce and goodies – we tried the Turkish Delight and also got to look at some Bauhaus buildings. We even got caught in the rain – a rare experience in these parts indeed!

Caught in a rare rainshower

An evening dip in the water

Tel Aviv, especially the old city of Jaffa, is a beautiful place. It is built alongside the gorgeous Mediterranean coastline. For the locals it was a cold day – just over 20 degrees C – for us it was more than balmy. Some of us apparently were not tired enough to hurry to bed and went out in the evening to step into the waves.

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