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Choosing to go on a TourMagination group tour is an investment of your precious time and money. You want to be sure you’re going to have an outstanding experience.

Tour leaders have a significant impact on the quality of a tour. In fact, in our recent survey a majority of travellers who responded said that a knowledgeable and engaging tour leader was the most important factor in choosing a tour—after the specific destination they wanted to visit.

To help you make a good decision on an upcoming tour, we’re inviting you to “meet” some of our tour leaders.

Throughout February, we are offering webinars  (online presentations) with some of our tour leaders. Each webinar will last 30 minutes. During the first 20 minutes, the tour leader will make a presentation that includes stories and photos related to their tour or tours. The last 10 minutes will be reserved for your questions.

Wednesday, February 7, at 12 noon: Discover the Anabaptist/Mennonite Story in Europe with Ayold Fanoy
Get to know Ayold Fanoy as you hear stories from the lives of Anabaptist and Mennonite leaders. Hear about and see photos of some of the sites you could visit on the European Heritage Tour in the Netherlands and Belgium (April 23 – May 4, 2018) and the Life & Times of Early Anabaptists in Europe: Heritage Tour (June 26 – July 11, 2018). SIGN UP TO RECEIVE THE RECORDING.

Tuesday, February 20, at 7 pm:  TASTE OF THE WORLD: Tanzania Women’s Tour Webinar
Join President of Mennonite Women Canada, Shirley Redekop, for a preview of the Tanzania Caring, Sharing and Safari tour (August 4-13, 2018). Shirley will show photos and talk about what North American women can expect on this tour that is focused on learning about and connecting with Tanzanian women of Christian faith. She will also talk about the incredible wildlife and landscapes that travellers will enjoy on two safaris. SIGN UP FOR THE WEBINAR

Tuesday, March 6, at 7 pm:  TASTE OF THE WORLD: Marvelous Music and Culture in Germany Webinar
Join Rod Zook and Rennie Regehr for a preview of the Marvelous Music & Culture of Germany Tour (September 19-30, 2018) as they show photos and tell stories of what you will encounter. Find out why they can’t wait to take you to Berlin, Leipzig, Hamburg, Bingen, and Lübeck this September. SIGN UP FOR THE WEBINAR

How it Works

If you register for one of our webinars, you will be given a link to follow so you can participate in the presentation. We use a platform called Intermedia AnyMeeting. AnyMeeting will send you reminders about the webinar, so you don’t miss the presentation. You don’t need an AnyMeeting account to participate.

We recommend signing on to the webinar 10 to 15 minutes early be sure everything is working. If you run into issues, contact

What if I Can’t Make it to the Webinar?

If you register for the webinar and can’t attend, you will be sent a recording that you can watch at your leisure. The only downside is you don’t get to ask questions.

If you have further questions, contact us at 1 800 565-0451 or email us at

  • 6 years ago, 8:31

    It turns out I won’t be able to be here formine on Wednesday. Unfortunately,it will be my loss. I will be watching later in the day. I’m so excited about going and won’t be able to see you. My question is of course spiders, black widow, hairy spiders, oh man. Wrong place to be petrified about spiders. And in the showers or bathroom. Please don’t make a joke about how serious this is. And biting ants. Oh man….gwen

    • 6 years ago, 8:32

      Hi Gwen, thanks for letting me know! I will pass on your question to Jerrell to answer on the webinar, so you’ll be able to hear his response when you watch the webinar late.

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