Six Things Travellers Enjoy About Cruises

In 2016, approximately 12 million North Americans took a river or ocean cruise. Around the world, there are almost 1,000 ports of call accessible to cruise ships.

What makes cruising so popular?

  1. Most things are included in the cost of a cruise: your accommodations, your meals, and of course your transportation from port to port. Our Gems of Southeast Europe Cruise even includes all the shore excursions!
  2. You get to sleep in one bed for your whole vacation! That means you unpack once and can make the space comfortable.
  3. You can visit a variety of cities—and even countries— in a short amount of time. Like on our Gems of Southeast Europe Cruise, you’ll see nine plus cities and five countries in eight days. Sampling the sites and activities in these destinations may give you ideas about places you’d like to visit again. On some cruises you can opt for pre- or post-cruise land extensions that help you make the most of an international flight. Gems includes pre-cruise days in Vienna and Budapest or Brasov and Bucharest post-cruise.
  4. Meals are provided on board the ship which means you don’t have to waste precious time discussing where you’re going to eat and traveling to a restaurant. Depending on the size of the ship, you go to the onboard restaurant and order your meal from the menu (like on our Bike & Boat River Cruise) or you choose from a handful of restaurants on the ship (like our Alaska Land & Cruise Tour, June 17-30, 2018 and our Wonders of Alaska, August 4-15, 2018).
  5. Flexible excursions—for all activity levels and interests. The beauty of cruising is that there are usually active options like cycling or hiking, and more relaxing choices like touring a city by coach. This is great if you are travelling with a spouse or friends who don’t like all of the same activities or family members of different ages. You can enjoy different activities during the day and regroup over dinner.
  6. Travel time between destinations is fun with a variety of onboard activities on larger ships and time to relax, look at scenery, or visit with other passengers on smaller river cruisers. Our Alaska cruise ships include a pool, several restaurants, evening shows, plus custom lounges and activities for children aged 3-17.

If you’re considering a cruise in 2018 or 2019, here are some options that you can enjoy with a group of TourMagination travellers:

Alaska Land & Cruise Tour, with Hank & Jane Landes, June 17-30, 2018. Bring your children or grandchildren on this tour to join the kids already signed up.

Wonders of Alaska Cruise, with Rich & Gloria Bucher, August 4-15, 2018

Gems of Southeast Europe River Cruise, with Audrey Voth Petkau & Terry Petkau
Oct. 13-20, 2018

Bike and Boat Tour from Berlin/Spandau to Malchin, Germany, July 27-Aug 3, 2019,
Bicycle and helmet are included!

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