Cruising on the Rhine

Kaub castle on the Rhine

Flexibility is the operative word on any tour, but this day required more than usual.

On Friday morning, we learned that our Rhine River cruise was cancelled because the crew was infected with Covid. What to do? The cruise up the mighty Rhine is a highlight of our tours. After consulting the company office in Koblenz, we discovered one option—a 3.5 hour cruise, much longer than our schedule allowed, but we booked it and rearranged the rest of the day’s schedule. Turns out we had a much longer ride for much less money. The weather was beautiful, with sunny skies and fewer other passengers than usual. Next stop, the Weierhof.



It was a delight to see Gary Waltner again at the Mennonite Research Center at the Weierhof. After Gary explained the mission of the center and showed us some treasured books, we boarded the bus for a long trek to our hotel in Stuttgart. Today we have another long ride to get to the Passion Play at Oberammergau.

Flexible? Yes, we rearrange our itinerary to give our pilgrims the best tour possible.

– John Sharp

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