Last Supper

After almost two weeks of pilgrimage and learning, this TourMagination group feasted for a “last supper” in Jerusalem. We celebrated safe travel, new friendships, bonds of Christian love, and abundant new insight into the biblical world.

– Nelson Kraybill

  • 6 months ago, 5:47

    We thoroughly enjoyed this pilgrimage with this group.. So much caring and sharing! Nelson and Ellen were excellent “pop and mom” for our group ! The bus drivers and tour guides were great!

    • 6 months ago, 11:12

      We are so pleased to hear it! Thanks for sharing, Don and Betty.

  • 6 months ago, 5:48

    I don’t think I ever traveled with a more caring, patient, and good-humored group. Early in the trip one group member’s glasses broke in front center at the nose–impossible to repair. Another traveler loaned the unfortunate brother his prescription glasses, which were a good match for his eyes! The generous man who loaned his glasses then wore his own prescription sun glasses the rest of the trip–which often was not a bad arrangement, since the sun shone brilliantly every day of our trip. But that act of solidarity helped set a tone for the journey. We all have memories to share for a lifetime.

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