Anabaptist Heritage Tours with Ayold Fanoy

Do you have an Anabaptist heritage? 

Join an Anabaptist Heritage tour with Ayold Fanoy in 2018:

In addition  being recommended by professors at the seminary where he studied Mennonite Theology, and the national president of the Dutch Mennonite Church, Ayold is recommended by American Gary Waltner, who is the Chairman and Director of the German Research Centre for Mennonite History, Weierhof-Bolanden, in Germany. READ AYOLD’S BIO

  • 5 years ago, 12:39

    Good to see and hear you again, Ayold. Yes, he is very good at multi-tasking! And I spied three pictures of our group of four on our Grand Tour #5 in 2016!

    • 5 years ago, 12:46

      Glad you could join us for the webinar Leora. Sounds like you enjoyed your tour with Ayold.

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