Travelling Solo? No Problem

Photo credit: Murray FoubisterSometimes solo travelers who inquire about our tours worry that they’ll feel out of place among couples. A good balance of couples and singles travel with us on most tours. If desired, we assist travellers to find roommates and connect them ahead of time so that they can begin to get acquainted. As well, our leaders intentionally foster relationships among group members.

For example, on a cruise ship in the midst of a larger group, we make a point of eating dinner together. When we take excursions from the ship, we ensure that everyone has someone with whom they can explore. During coach tours between locations, we have been known to sing hymns and to share some of our personal stories (for those who want to). Often at the end of a long day, travellers discuss what they saw over dinner and show each other photos.

Travelers regularly tell us that it’s the sense of community on our tours that keeps them coming back. There’s something special about sharing experiences that bonds people together. Add in common Mennonite or Christian roots and you have a recipe for deep discussions and enduring friendships.

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