Ayold lives in the Netherlands and works for a Mennonite congregation in Haarlem as a custodian. He enjoys adventure travel—including an annual snowshoe trek in Norway. Through his theological studies at the Dutch Mennonite Seminary, at the VU University in Amsterdam, he became interested in European Mennonite History. Wanting to share this interest, he began organizing Mennonite Heritage Tours. “For me a Mennonite Heritage Tour is not just a heritage tour, but also a spiritual journey into the faith and life of our forbearers,” says Ayold. His tours help people explore what early Anabaptists discovered about Jesus, that would make them want give up their homesteads and their lives.

2024 Anabaptist Story in Europe Tour


This European heritage tour traces the Anabaptist/Mennonite story through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and the Netherlands. Visits to significant sites will bring to life the stories of Jakob Amman, Martin Luther, Michael Sattler, Pilgram Marpeck, and many other Reformation and Anabaptist leaders. Other tour highlights include: an afternoon cruise on the Rhine River, a visit to the Rijksmuseum, standing in caves where Anabaptists worshipped in secret, visiting Trachselwald Castle, riding a cable-car up a mountain, and visiting the Weierhof, a semi-communal Mennonite village. Experienced tour storyteller Ayold Fanoy will share insights as you travel in these beautiful countries that were so important to our Anabaptist ancestors.

Schürch Family Tour

THIS IS A CUSTOM PROGRAM. Registration by invitation only.

Trace your family and faith story through the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland! Begin in Amsterdam with visits to the famous Aalsmeer flower auction and Singel Mennonite Church. Explore historic Dutch villages, hidden Mennonite churches, and an open-air museum. Cruise along the majestic Rhine River. Browse Mennonite archives in the Weierhof, and foster new connections with a local church congregation. Immerse yourself in the captivating landscapes of the Emmental, visit homesteads directly related to your family’s history and enjoy the company of relatives. Ascend Schilthorn Mountain for breathtaking views. Uncover the origins of the Anabaptist movement on a Zürich walking tour. Conclude the tour with a meaningful time of worship and reflection in the most unique setting: the Anabaptist Cave at Bäretswil, where Anabaptists once worshipped in secret. Experienced tour storyteller Ayold Fanoy will share insights as you travel in these beautiful countries that were so important to your Anabaptist ancestors.