Italy Tour – Leaving Assisi. Sitting at the Train Station. Waiting for the Train to Florence.

By Len Friesen, Tour Leader

So we’re waiting at the Assisi train station, which really isn’t in Assisi.  We’re waiting for the train that will take us to Florence for the next stop on our most excellent journey.  People are sitting on benches or walking up along the platform as we wait.  Some are in easy conversations, others not.  Some are looking at pictures they’ve taken.

What’s the genius of TourMagination?  It’s hard to account for its appeal and purpose, but part if it surely is the small scaled community-based nature of much of their travel.  Then you add to the fact that it goes to various parts of the world and by various means.

For example, this trip has relied heavily on public transit, which we love.  Which is how Mary and I planned it in the first place.  Why?  Because it removes the distance between us and them, and here and there.  It also allows people to make connections.  So now we know that we are shifting from Assisi to Florence because the one is already in the distance as we await the train that will take us onward.

Waiting is a good thing.  It gives us time to process, to let go, and to anticipate.  It isn’t “putting in time” as much as giving meaning to time.

That’s how it feels right now at the Assisi train station on this lovely spring day with a gentle breeze blowing.  And we are in Italy, the “Bella Terra”.

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