Do Good While Having a Good Time on These Tours

It is possible to do good while having a good time if you choose the right tour. Tourism is an important source of income in many countries. When visitors remember that they are visiting someone else’s home and they respect local people, it can be a positive experience for all involved. It is also beneficial if individual travellers and group tours go to hotels, restaurants, and attractions that are owned and operated by local business people.

At TourMagination, we are pleased to offer meaningful group tours that enable you to have a positive impact on the countries we visit. Below are three tours with a special emphasis on peace building, engaging with locals, and protecting the natural environment.


Build Peace by Visiting Cuba

Travellers worshipping with a local church in Cuba.

Travellers worshipping with a local church in Cuba.

Our Peace-Building Tour to Cuba, January 16-26, 2020 (From USD $3,838; CAD $4,989), fits the United States government’s religious travel category to Cuba, which is still allowed under new restrictions for American travellers. READ the Treasury Department’s FAQs about the new travel restrictions. This tour is an excellent opportunity for #Christians and people of faith to live out their values as they travel to Cuba to listen, to learn, to pray, and to show care.

Along with a core group of North American travellers already registered, on this 11-day Cuba tour you will engage with Cuban citizens during visits to NGOs and a worship service at a local church. These rare opportunities are facilitated by Canadian tour leaders Jack & Irene Suderman who have been connecting with Cubans and Cuban churches for more than 30 years. Another special experience will be visiting the farm of an Afro-Cuban woman working to keep the history and stories of her people alive. The tour is rounded out with trips to museums, markets, a sustainable farm, and Varadero beach.

There will also be an opportunity to collect and bring supplies, requested by our contacts in Cuba, to alleviate some of their growing shortages. VIEW the full itinerary.

Accommodations on Belize Tour Create Positive Social Impact

A light, airy room in the Jaguar Creek eco-lodge in Belize, Central America.

On the Belize: Beauty, Birds & Culture Tour, January 10-19, 2020 (From USD $2,569; CAD $3,212) you’ll stay for five days at an eco-lodge called Jaguar Creek (pictured above), in the heart of the Maya Mountain Rain Forest.

As a social enterprise, Jaguar Creek is focused on providing guests with a unique and comfortable jungle lodge experience while positively impacting their local community. Each of their eight private cabanas has room for up to four guests. The cabanas have an en suite bathroom and are well-ventilated (and fully screened). On the Jaguar Creek property there will be opportunities to see a wide variety of colourful birds and interesting animals.

As you enjoy these lovely accommodations, you can feel good knowing that Jaguar Creek creates opportunities for local entrepreneurs by cultivating an ecosystem of companies to meet the needs of the lodge. They also ensure the children of their staff have educational opportunities and they donate the majority of their profits to an NGO that works with Belizean leaders to help change the lives of children, teachers, and local communities. In addition, the Jaguar Creek staff team works hard to steward God’s creation through all of their activities. READ MORE about Jaguar Creek. You can also browse the glowing reviews about this wonderful eco-lodge on Trip Advisor.

VIEW the full tour itinerary of the Belize tour and also find out about tour leader Mark McReynolds who spent four years working at Jaguar Creek with his wife.

If the thought of doing good while having a good time appeals to you, REGISTER for one of these incredible tours!

CUBA PHOTO: Ken Ratzlaff


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