European Family Heritage Adventure DAY 9

We stopped in the city of Steffisburg, Switzerland & visited the Steffisburg Reformed Church. This is where the Yoder family originated. The Yoders were village people, not Mennonites. In the church, 2 Yoder family shields were located on a banner with other family shields dated back to 1681. The Yoders originated in Switzerland between 1300-1550. The Yoder sisters sang several hymns to honor their father, Timothy Titus Yoder, who died 50 years ago on September 30th.

We then entered the Alps & arrived in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. The journey was full of lush, green mountains, livestock grazing on the hillside, traditional Swiss homes, flowers everywhere, & rushing rivers. We took the gondola (which consisted of 1 train & 3 trolleys) from Lauterbrunnen to the peak of Schilthorn Mountain which has an altitude of 10,000 feet. At the top we lunched at the rotating restaurant.

Back on the bus we enjoyed watching the hang gliders circling in the sky & landing. On the road we were following a herd of cows that were coming down from the mountains. In Switzerland the cows wear bells of various sizes around their necks.

We lodged & dined in the ancient part of Lucerne, Switzerland. We walked across one of the oldest bridges in Switzerland. We drove past Lake Lucerne which is a massive mountain-fed lake with pristine water.


– Joyce Yoder

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