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Jack and Irene Suderman with the Cuban Council of Churches team that distributed a Mennonite Church Canada/Mcc ship container of aid to hurricane victims in Cuba
Tour to Cuba with Jack & Irene Suderman
Date:January 9 - 18, 2015
Wilmer Martin


Poland & Ukraine

We continue to plan for our Poland and Ukraine tour from September 18 to October 1. Mennonite history has deep roots in these countries and our tours are always strongly subscribed. Due to the recent unrest in Ukraine, we are in continual dialogue with our contacts in Ukraine. Our schedule will change since the Crimean area is under Russian control. We ask for the patience of persons already registered as we adjust the schedule. We will highlight these changes when talking with new inquiries.

We continue to pray for the people in Ukraine. The church looks forward to our coming as they value our visits and interaction. We are planning with the safety of our tour members in mind. At this time we are trusting that the tour will not need to be postponed.

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