Ukraine Tour Day 2 – To Zaporozhye. The Real Pilgrimage Begins

By Len Friesen, Tour Leader

Where was I?  Oh yes, we had our evening at the opera yesterday, in a most historic opera house.

This morning was a bit more unstructured.  I know that our group rode the Metro, went down what is said to be the world’s deepest Metro station and then walked about the city centre one more time before we headed for the train station.

We then took a rather slow train to Zaporozhye, about 8 hours in total.

Here’s what’s amazing about this group:  No one complained!  In fact, they welcomed this transition between Kiev and the world where “our” people used to live in and around Zaporozhye.  We looked out the windows, we moved about our seats in an exercise in conversation-filled community building, we looked out some more windows, we shared about our lives past and present, and occasionally even dozed.  There were levels of sharing that remind me again of why there is no company in the business like TourMagination.

We arrived at Zaporozhye after dark and so the city had an odd feeling to it.  This is hardly Vegas.  This is hardly whatever half of Vegas would be.  Yet it was clear that people were thrilled to be here!

We checked in, had our evening, and our now settling in for the night.  The Molotschna colony awaits us tomorrow.  Unlike many tours this is a deeply personal pilgrimage for many on our tour.  And tomorrow it will really kick into gear.

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