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2022 European Family Heritage Adventure Tour

Our European Family Heritage Adventure tour illuminates the Anabaptist-Mennonite story through visiting important sites in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Austria. With facts and anecdotes, our tour leader will bring to life the stories of Menno Simons, Jacob Amman, Conrad Grebel, Martin Luther and many other Reformation and Anabaptist leaders. Other tour highlights include: scenic drives through the Black Forest and the countryside in Switzerland, an afternoon cruise on the Rhine River, and hiking into the foothills of the Swiss Alps to the Cave of the Anabaptists.

This heritage tour was developed for the Yoder family to better understand their Anabaptist roots and to get a taste of Europe in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Austria.

At A Glance

  • September 21 – October 5, 2022
  • 14 Days



Wednesday, Sept. 21     In Flight

Depart from North America on an overnight flight to Amsterdam.

Thursday, Sept. 22     Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Arrive at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport this morning. Visit Asperen to learn the Dirk Willems story. Transfer to hotel near Amsterdam.

Friday, Sept. 23     Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Spend the full day in Amsterdam. As time allows, your group will decide between the following options for the day.  Enjoy a boat ride on Amsterdam’s canals. Visit the Rijksmuseum to see works by renowned artists, including some Mennonites. Take a walking tour of the city to learn of its Mennonite history including the Mennonite Singel Church.

Saturday, Sept. 24     Homestays in Berlikum

Visit the village of Edam, including the Mennonite church and the adjacent cheese shop. Visit Zaanse Schans, a historic village with typical green Zaan Region houses, working windmills, and craftsmen making wooden shoes and cheese. Visit Pingjum and Witmarsum to learn more about the Menno Simons story. Tonight, stay with local families in the little Friesian village of Berlikum.

Sunday, Sept. 25     Münster, Germany

Worship with the Berlikum congregation. After saying farewell to our new friends in Berlikum, travel on to Münster. On a walking tour, hear about the violent uprising of radical Anabaptists during the Münster Rebellion.

Monday, Sept. 26     Kirchheimbolanden, Germany

Visit the famed Köln (Cologne) cathedral. Relax and enjoy the scenery on a Rhine River cruise as we travel from Boppard to Oberwesel. Visit the Weierhof, a semi-communal Mennonite village in the Palatinate, including an introduction to the Weierhof archives.

Tuesday, Sept. 27     Colmar, France

Explore the historic city centre of Colmar on the tourist train. Then drive the famous wine road to the old walled town of Riquewihr, where there will be free time for exploring the quaint town, shopping, and lunch. On a walking tour, remember the sympathetic villagers that hid your Anabaptist forbears at great risk and cost to themselves.

Wednesday, Sept. 28     Eggiwil, Switzerland

Stop at the Herr House of Clocks, where we will enjoy some famous Black Forest cake and time for shopping.  The story of your heritage continues on a walking tour of Bern. Transfer to the Emmental for the night.

Thursday, Sept. 29     Eggiwil, Switzerland

Spend the full day in the Emmental region. As time allows, your group will decide between the following options for the day:

  • Trachselwald Castle, a fortress once used to imprison radical Anabaptists
  • The Sumiswald Reformed church and the Hans Haslibacher farm
  • The Langnau Mennonite church and Reformed church
  • A cheese factory in Affoltern for lunch
  • The Yoder Cave near Schangnau, a secret Anabaptist place of worship
  • The Täuferversteck or Anabaptist hiding place in Hinterhutten.


Friday, Sept. 30     Eggiwil, Switzerland

In Lauterbrunnen take the cable car to Grütschalp, train to Mürren, cable car to Schilthorn and down to Stechelberg. This offers a fantastic and much more impressive mountain sight to the Jungfrau, Mönch and Eiger and some free time in Lauterbrunnen. Visit the Reformed Church at Steffisburg to see the Yoder and other family names on a wooden plaque.

Saturday, October 1     Schleitheim, Switzerland

Spend more time in the Emmental. Explore the Yoder Anabaptist cave, where Anabaptists once worshipped in secret. Visit Lucerne for lunch and free time. Take an Anabaptist walking tour in Zürich. Visit the largest waterfall in Europe in Schaffhausen, The Rhine Falls.

Sunday, October 2     Munich, Germany

This morning, take a wagon ride up the mountain to see the Anabaptist marker in the forest at Schleitheim. Visit the Schleitheim Museum, if possible. Transfer to Munich for the night.

Monday, October 3     Salzburg, Austria

Enjoy lunch and free time in Munich’s medieval Marienplatz, and see the impressive Glockenspiel. Spend a sobering but meaningful time at Dachau, a World War II concentration camp. Transfer to Salzburg for the night.

Tuesday, October 4     Salzburg, Austria

Begin your day in Salzburg with a Sound of Music tour. Then make the most of your time in Salzburg with free time for shopping and exploring. Enjoy a VIP dinner at a panorama restaurant overlooking the city, then end the day with an evening Mozart concert.

Wednesday, October 5

Depart for home from Munich with insights and memories that will last for years to come.


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