Steve grew up in an Amish community south of Nappanee, Indiana. He graduated from Indiana University with a BS in Business and a Minor in Psychology. For the past 33 years he has provided leadership in the role of Vice President of Human Resources for Wieland Designs, Inc., a furniture design and manufacturing company. Since 2011 Steve has served as a Board Member for Amigo Centre, located in Sturgis, MI. Steve and his wife, Diana, live in Goshen, Indiana. They have two children and four grandchildren living in two separate communities, Nappanee, Indiana and Tremont, Illinois. They are part of North Main Street Mennonite Church located in Nappanee, Indiana. Recently he completed a term as Church Board Chair and now serves on the Administrative Commission. Steve has deep respect and gratitude for the faith values learned within the Amish community and stays connected to several communities in Northern Indiana. He has a personal interest in Anabaptist history, the European Reformation movement and learning more about his family ancestors. Since 2015 Steve has invited Amish friends to join him on tours to Hawaii, Alaska and the Caribbean. Steve is also fluent in Pennsylvania Dutch.