Poland & Prague Tour, Day 1 – Prague

Today a heavy rain drenched Prague and us while visiting the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral. (My photos of Old Town Square are from Monday.)

Monument to the heroic reformer Jan Hus born 1369 and was burned to death in 1415. One hundred years later Martin Luther’s critique of the Roman Catholic Church mirrored those of Jan Hus.


Church of Our Lady before Týn in Old Town Square with Teddy and Panda Bears competing for attention.


Tower of the Old Town Hall.



Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral dominate the cityscape symbolizing the union of church and state and the blending of cross and sword.


St. Vitus Cathedral


Most of us took our tired and wet selves back to the hotel for lunch. Some brave souls marched on to Old Town Square under diminishing rain to see its cultural delights, including Bethlehem Chapel where the martyred Jan Hus preached and then to the oldest pub in Prague. I don’t’ know what they had for lunch but I heard the report of a delectable beer sampling. Then 14 members of the group attended a concert to hear the music of Vivaldi and reported that it was lovely and “very well done.”

After dinner tonight, we said farewell to Gary Smucker whose fever, headaches and cramps are cutting his tour short. He’s going home to recover under the care of his doctor. We will miss you, Gary!

Tomorrow we will take a different route to Krakow in order to see two Hutterite history sites, Brno and Austerlitz. We are skipping the mammoth wooden Lutheran church at Swidnica. It’s beautiful but it’s not Anabaptist.

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