Peace-building Tour to Cuba
Brethren in Christ House Church Leaders

Brethren in Christ House Church Leaders.

Day 3 in Cuba

Our two stops in Soroa were excellent, especially the first one. There were quite a number of tears from our tour members as they listened to a very passionate and articulate descendant of African slaves who talked about cultural recovery, the importance of identity, and environmental concerns. It was very impressive. Later, we went out for supper together in Old Havana, and that too was a good experience.

Day 4

Here we are just back from the morning worship experience with the Brethren in Christ congregation. It’s a small house church. The service was totally packed. We enjoyed great music, a warm welcome and the amazing lunch of fruit, salad, and pork; it was very good. On the way back, we stopped in at Cojimar to learn about the town that author Ernest Hemingway spent time in.

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