Netherlands & Belgium tour – first days of the cruise

We got to walk among the tulips at a tulip farm. No fence around them so people walking or biking along the field came into the field also to look & take pictures. The couple who owned the farm shared facts & interesting tidbits about growing tulips & some other bulbs. They will cut the tops off all these flowers beginning next Tuesday to allow energy to return to the bulb. They are growing bulbs for the bulbs, not for cut flowers. They told us about viruses & also new or mutations. They have named some new varieties. We went out into their fields to look & take pictures. Not to pick.

We went to another field. Yellow & white tulips plus grape hyacinths.

The tulip with the red among the yellow, well that one is returning to its mother which was all red.

The wife showing her favorite, “Double Sugar”.

Tulip farm machinery, he designed the planter.

We went to a local home where the hostess gave us coffee, tea, cookies, candy & an unique pudding type treat. Her garden is pictured here.

Picture of all of us. Our host is in the yellow sweater.

Village or small town, Sloten, where we saw canals, churches, lovely street, windmill, and more.

Then to a planetarium built between 1774-1781. An accurate scale model of the solar system on the ceiling of his living room. All the planets, stars, sun & moon in the Planetarium move exactly as they do in reality, & they have been doing this for more than 235 years. Amazing. We also went upstairs to see how it works.

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