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But we can still hope for a Lego Simpsons Game. Artie grabs the camera and runs. and shreds it. They follow the passage along, and must fight the TV producers who attack them. When they have, however, Grampa loses control and drives it into the Legimitate Businessman's Social Club. Characters from various LEGO universes join forces to defeat Lord Vortech, who threatens their very existence. Playable: Marge (who carries Maggie) and Lisa, Playable: Homer and Lenny/Carl (they walk next to each other and do the same thing as each other at the same time), Playable: Homer and Marge (who carries Maggie). Meanwhile, Homer and Marge arrive at the Mothership, hiding on top of Planet Hype. Once at the store, they find it completely crowded. Then, Bob quickly escapes, closing the window behind him and forcing Artie to stay and fight. Or, run, jump, and shoot your way through … Level type: Puzzle, Protect, Stealth, Boss, Playable characters: Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Maggie Simpson, Krusty the Clown. Overview: No beer has been delivered to Moe's Tavern for ages, and the drunks are getting restless. They must sneak down the corridor and avoid the Robots, before they are ambushed. - Get 100 coins at the Kwik-E-Mart, "Burns, Baby, Burns" - Complete Big Bad Burns (Story Mode), "A Star Is Burns" - Complete Big Bad Burns (Free Play Mode). They fight Benders and then Zoidberg, before revealing that Matt Groening has been controlling their world as well. They must then find a way through the mansion, breaking through piles of money. Enemy Vehicles: Zombie Cars (Medium, Fairly Strong, Strong), Playable characters: Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Sea Captain Horatio McCallister, Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Hans Moleman. Lenny and Carl arrive, revealing that Mr Burns would have increased every employee's wages if they got the deal; they grow angry with Homer, and leave. Then, they receive a phone call from Bob, saying he is at Springfield Elementary School. For some characters or vehicles, however, they become instantly available (for free) after the player completes mini-games for various characters around Springfield. Mr Burns sees them and sends an army of lawyers to stop them. When he is defeated, they question Herman, who explains that Fat Tony sold him a new arm, but he didn't know that Fat Tony intended to cut the arm off a living person. When it is destroyed, it tumbles down into the Tyre Fire, and Bart and Lisa assume they have successfully destroyed the alien threat. Then, Bart leads all of the children to the car park and they must defend Frink as he tries to make it to the Power Plant, while all of Mr Burns' guards attack him. Homer removes their masks, revealing them to be Sideshow Bob and Artie Ziff. When the Black Limousines have been destroyed, Marge goes back to the ambulance to fetch Grandpa, and takes him home, not knowing that he has seen something in the Legitimate Businessman's Social Club that he wasn't meant to see... Enemy Vehicles: Black Limousines (Medium, Fairly Strong, Strong), Boss Vehicle(s): Ambulance (Fairly Strong), Playable characters: Marge Simpson, Grampa Abe Simpson, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Reverend Lovejoy, Helen Lovejoy, Luann van Houten, Lindsay Naegle, Crazy Cat Lady. Overview: As Lisa returns to school, Grampa suggests to Marge that they arm themselves, so that they can protect the family if Fat Tony attacks again. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Overview: Otto has gotten lost while driving the students to school, and Skinner needs somebody to ensure that the pupils are in for a test. When they finally wake up and find the building empty, they must work together to find all the donuts in Sector 7 and return them to Homer's office. Location: Outside the Kwik-E-Mart - Strong character needs to move skip out the way. They go to the church and Homer and Krusty must repair all the pews and the pulpit. If one is beaten, the vehicle is unlocked, and if both are beaten, the characters are unlocked. It has four original storylines, with five chapters in each, which will always include one vehicle level. Take it with a fistful of yellow salt, but the tea leaves may suggest that a new The Simpsons set is in our future. Homer and Marge arrive, and find Skinner. They must then find a way to sneak through the Mothership without being seen by the security cameras and subsequently zapped with lasers. Overview: As Springfield is taken over by Zombies, Grampa Simpson suggests that they try to find the Zombies' Leader. Then, Fat Tony climbs onto the scenery and begins shooting at them, and they must find a way to destroy the scenery so as to knock him down. Overview: Trying to work out what to do next, Homer and Bart decide they should visit the Springfield Retirement Castle and get Grampa's help. Marge agrees to help Apu clean up, and the two of them must work to set off fireworks, shake cans of pop, play loud music, burst inflated balloons, and blow up one of the lights, in order to scare the various shoppers away. Directed by Matthew Nastuk, Mike B. Anderson. They find that the passage leads to the police station, and realise that the person who trashed the church was escaping from jail. The game also allows the player to explore all of Springfield, and not only characters but various different vehicles can be purchased as well. Get in a plane, air balloon or put on a helmet to investigate the caves. Homer talks to Krusty, who agrees to help him find out who has been trying to destroy Homer's marriage. Homer then finds himself in an advert for Kamp Krusty, where he meets Sideshow Mel. Feb 13 @ 6:25pm My vote is for LEGO Ghostbusters. LEGO Dimensions - The Simpsons - Level Pack: PC & Video Games Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. Upgrade your LEGO Simpsons world today by adding our unique Game Of Bricks Light Kits. They travel to the Edge of the Universe, where they find themselves at a giant TV. Bob is arrested and taken back to prison. He meets Ken Brockman, when a helicopter bursts through the studio, controlled by Arnie Pie. A door appears, and Homer travels through it. Homer, Frink, and the others must them make their way through the sewers, finding ways to break through the walls that Mr Burns has built. Overview: Skinner's car has been stolen, and his mother is driving him mad. They must follow the vehicle through Springfield, before it arrives at the Tyre Fire. Then, Snake Jailbird arrives, leading the thugs. To get rid of her, a Simpson (or two in multiplayer mode) must drive Agnes to do her chores, having 0:30 seconds to take her to pick up her Laundry, 0:45 seconds to take her to collect fish from the Squidport, then 1:31 seconds to take her to the Bingo. Overview: Snake and Fat Tony's plans to rob from Springfield Bank have failed, but he can still rob from the Armoured Truck! The packaging was intended to make the minifigure a person bought random. They must chase Mr Burns' Limo and smash it using just the Family Sedan and the Hovercar. LEGO The Simpsons Collectiable Minifigure - Grampa Gandpa with Newspaper (71005) As they drive along the motorway, a helicopter begins to chase them. Level type: Puzzle, Stealth, Protect, Brawl, Boss, Boss(es): Matt Groening (3 hearts), Doctor Zoidberg (5 hearts), Matt Groening (10 hearts). - Get 100 coins at Krustylu Studios, "Outta My Bar, Ya Lousy Drunks!" Only normal Marge does. A Simpson (or two in multiplayer mode) must drive after the Duff Truck and collect all the crates that it drops, without missing any or losing the vehicle. LEGO Simpsons 71006 The Simpsons House The perfect set for fans of LEGO brick building and The Simpsons Includes 6 minifigures: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Ned Flanders Remove the roof and top floor to access the different rooms inside House is hinged in the middle for easy access LEGO Simpsons 71006 The Simpsons House Unfortunately, Bart and Lisa are still missing, and Homer assumes they have been kidnapped by Sideshow Bob. They go to the nearest ward, which has been sealed off, and must sneak past Legs and Louie, who are wandering through on guard. Playable vehicles: The Simpsons' Family Sedan, Lisa's Bicycle, Professor Frink's Hovercar, Commandeered vehicles: Normal Sedan, Milk Float, School Bus. The Simpsons reluctantly agree that he can help, and they go to Mr Burns' mansion. This online game is part of the Adventure, Action, Anime, and Nintendo DS gaming categories. Before Doctor Nick can explain what is going on, Fat Tony arrives, and Marge, Lisa and Grampa escape through the window. Then, before he can cut off Marge's arm, they must build and pull the lever for the trap door, through which Fat Tony falls. The Simpsons is an American adult animated sitcom created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company. LEGO The Simpsons: the video game is based off the popular cartoon series. He would then be able to kill Bart in a more cruel and ingenius way, when he didn't have so much to worry about. As they walk there, Marge sees that the car park is full of Black Limousines, and realises that they are walking into a trap. When you collect "Noiseland Arcade tokens" hidden through-out story mode and Bartman mode, you can unlock other places to visit. Toy(732235195465:Toys And Games), Lego Simpsons 71006 Simpsons House (0698887888943:Lego), Recreate hilarious scenes from the classic animated tv series with the simpsons house. Bart and Lisa must sneak through the basement and steal the secret plans, before returning to Homer. When they arrive, they find that the Zombies have taken over the entire port, and are now joy-riding Zombie Cars. Playable: Homer, Chief Wiggum and Sea Captain. ¿Te diste cuenta? #6. Unlocks Character(s): Dolph Starbeam, Kearney Zzyzwicz, Unlocks Vehicle(s): Chalmer's 1979 Honda Accord, Skinner's Sedan. Afterwards, they find that it was only Mr Smithers in the Limo, and that Mr Burns is still in the Power Plant. Overview: Homer arrives at the Power Plant with Frink, where he finds Bart, who has escaped from a school trip to the plant. LEGO Fanonpedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. They fight Willie, and then Homer and Marge go to Willie's shack, sneaking past the TV producers who have arrived. Marge and Apu must work together to find and free Reverend Lovejoy, Helen, Luann, Lindsay Naegle, the Crazy Cat Lady, and finally Grampa Simpson, each of them being used to free the next person. Bart and Maggie must scare all of the crowd away by finding the remotes for the three plasma TVs and playing scary movies. Grampa and Bart must destroy the three waves of Zombie Cars, each one stronger than the last, by commandeering increasingly strong vehicles from around the Squidport. The details are spot on, and Lego really made the best effort to stay true to all the elements as seen in the televised series. #7. Itchy and Scratchy suggest they go in disguise, just in case, and so they disguise themselves as Pieman and Bartman. ", Whip: as weapon, or to hit distant buttons, Handbell: can shatter glass or deafen enemies, Unlocked after Bonus Game: "Baby Vroom-Vroom", Unlocked after Bonus Game: "The Space Race (On Earth, with Aliens)", Purchasable from Springfield Cemetary - $25,000, Purchasable from Flander's House - Garden - $10,000, Purchasable from Flander's House - Bomb Shelter - $10,000, Purchasable from Springfield Elementary School - Skinner's Office - $45,000, Purchasable from Springfield Elementary School - Hoover's Classroom - $15,000, Purchasable from Springfield Elementary School - Largo's Classroom - $35,000, Purchasable from Springfield Elementary School - Canteen - $15,000, Purchasable from Springfield Elementary School - Krabappel's Classroom - $20,000, Purchasable from Power Plant - Nuclear Reactor - $25,000, Purchasable from Power Plant - Car Park - $10,000, Purchasable from Mr Burns' Mansion - $10,000, Purchasable from Herman's Military Antiques - $20,000, Purchasable from Springfield Mall - Clothes Department - $20,000, Purchasable from Springfield Mall - Candy Store - $20,000, Purchasable from Krustylu Studios - News Room - $15,000, Purchasable from Krustylu Studios - Producer's Room - $10,000, Purchasable from Krustylu Studios - Lobby - $10,000, Purchasable from Springfield Court - Main Courtroom - $45,000, Gavel - can shatter glass, or deafen enemies, Purchasable from Springfield Court - Waiting Room - $35,000, Purchasable from Springfield Police Station - $20,000, Purchasable from Simpson Home - After completing all levels - $500,000, Purchasable from Simpson Home - After collecting all Soul Donuts - $500,000, Purchasable from Simpson Homer - After all levels are completed, and characters and vehicles are purchased - $1,000,000, Unlocked after Bonus Game: "What's With All The Bus Fuss? The story mode chapters, or "seasons", are located in each Simpson family member's room. Inside Groundskeeper Willie's shack, they find Bart and Lisa tied up. He starts throwing office equipment at them, and flees when they get too close. Overview: The Simpsons receive a phone call saying that Bart and Lisa have both gone missing. This page is property of ElectricMayhem. The show is set in the town of Springfield and parodies American culture, society, television, and many aspects of the human condition. LEGO The Simpsons Video Game is a video game developed by TT Games, published by WB Games and licensed by 20th Century Fox. When Louie is defeated, Marge and Grampa follow him to Herman's Military Antiques shop, where they find Bart and Milhouse trying to buy illegal fireworks. LEGO Dimensions walkthrough part 3, covering the 2nd level of the game. Meanwhile, Bart and Grampa Simpson arrive, and must find a way to climb up the side of the Clampitheatre so as to drop down onto the stage from above. Unlocks Character(s): Homer Simpson (Astronaut). They must find a way to sneak through the railings around the station and then climb to the top of the radio transmitter, where they must use building materials to build a new radio. (EXAMPLE: Moe's Tavern, Kwik-E-Mart, Noiseland Arcade, The Frying Dutchman, Nuclear Power Plant, Krusty Burger, etc., etc.) Overview: The Tavern has run out of beer and Barney needs Duff, or he will throw himself off the roof. Homer and Chief Wiggum fight Dolph and Kearney, but Jimbo escapes. When they arrive in the control room, Kang is in the testing a machine on one of his Hans Moleman clones, which turns him into a bomb! The two of them must chase Artie across the motel, finding ways to defeat him, by throwing things at him and then building a catapult with a Marge doll as bait. They decide to split up; Bart and Lisa decide to go back to the Tyre Fire and inspect the Small UFO that crashed there. From the Simpsons Home you can also travel to Androids Dungeon, the hub for both Villain Mode and the mode unlocked after defeating every boss in story mode, known as "Bartman Mode." A Simpson (or two in multiplayer mode) must challenge them to a drag race to win back the cars, and race them through the dried up sewers. Afterwards, TV reporters arrive, and Homer and Chief Wiggum must protect Mayor Quimby as they make their way to his normal room. The hub is The Simpsons home. Ned agrees to tell Marge exactly what has been happening, and they return to Evergreen Terrace. Explore a huge open world, rescue citizens, and battle the threat of Lex Luthor and his Secret Society of Super-Villains. Kang turns Marge into a bomb, and Homer and Moleman must find the equipment to defuse and save her. If one car is beaten, the cars are unlocked, and if both are beaten, the characters are unlocked. Chapters are reffered to as "Seasons", and parts to chapters are reffered to as "episodes." Homer tries to chase him, and finds Ned in the courtyard. Fans of LEGO and The Simpsons alike wouldn’t have to wait long to get their hands on the family’s 2,523-piece Evergreen Terrace abode. "Fit Tony" - Complete Fat Tony's Forces of Evil (Story Mode), "Fat Fit Tony" - Complete Fat Tony's Forces of Evil (Free-Play Mode), "Hey-hey-hey, Kids!" A Simpson (or two in multiplayer mode) must protect Willie from the School Bullies when they attack, for 1:00 minute, until Willie wakes up. Open world ghostbusting around New York? The show was co… The scene is being filmed by Selma and Patty, who suddenly spot Homer and attack him. Overview: The new TV, TeleVisualiser 5000, has just been released., A spot where you can buy characters you unlock, purchase new places to explore and but extras, A spot to view the cutscenes from the game, A spot to watch exclusive Simpsons episode that can only be seen on the game, Homer (Variations: with hair, beaten up, future), Bart (Variations: Bartman, El Barto, future), Lisa (Variations: wearing tuxito, with Homer's hair, future), Maggie (Variations: covered in cake, with Marge's hair, future), Marge (Variations: beaten up, "Bride of Frankenstine" hair, future). A quick glance at the 2018 slate shows that there is a set listed “71022 TBA The Simpsons … There are 3 chapters, Fat Tony's Forces of Evil, Big Bad Burns, and Sideshow Terror. The four of them fight Legs, defeating him by finding and blowing up the bombs in the room. When Senor Ding Dong suddenly attacks, they must find dynamite for him to whip so that he blows himself up. Go on an adventure with them. A Simpson (or two in multiplayer mode) must race the Mothership and Small Spaceship from cloud to cloud in the sky. They are released, and Homer assumes that Bob has fled, so decides to go home. Homer and Cletus break out into Mr Burns' courtyard and fight him, before forcing him to close down the Power Plant. Meanwhile, Kang and Kodos use a machine to wipe out the Zombies, turning them back into ordinary dead bodies. Combining the fun and open-ended play of LEGO® toys with the excitement of video gaming, LEGO video games for PC and console immerse players in thrilling stories featuring favorite characters from blockbuster movies and LEGO themes. Due to the series' longevity, The Simpsons video games have also spanned across many genres, such as the puzzle game Krusty's Fun House (1992), the sports game Itchy & Scratchy in Miniature Golf Madness (1994) and racing game Road Rage (2001). They made the TeleVisualiser 5000 to try and work out how to escape, but when that didn't work, they tried to ruin the TV show in order to have it cancelled. When they get there, Wiggum breaks down the door, where the villains are recording the second half of the scene between Homer and Lurleen Lumpkin. Suddenly, the bullies arrive through the tunnel, having been paid to seal it. Boss(es): Louie (5 hearts), Legs (2 hearts), Playable characters: Marge Simpson, Doctor Julius Hibbert, Apu Nahassapeemapetilon, Grampa Abe Simpson, Bart Simpson. BDO. Homer and Marge assume that they have left the school to go to the Krustylu Studios Tour, and go to the studios themselves. Homer and Lisa must find all the Scientist's cars and, using other vehicles in the town, smash them up. They then return all the flubber to Professor Frink, and Homer and he go to the Power Plant, but Mr Burns is waiting for them. The two of them return to the school and go to Principal Skinner's office, where they find Bob waiting for them. When they do finally arrive, Hibbert agrees to take Apu straight to the operating theatre, while Marge waits in the waiting room. Let creativity be the guide to a building and gaming adventure! A Simpson (or two in multiplayer mode) has 3:01 minutes to run around Evergreen Terrace, collecting the trail of 20 bags of pet food that is being dropped from Crazy Cat Lady's van. The Lego version of Homer begins to suspect that his entire Lego world is not real when a toy triggers a flashback to an alternate reality. Artie reveals he wanted to destroy the marriage so he had another chance with Marge, they paid the school bullies to kidnap Bart and Lisa, the TV producers were helping them to try and boost ratings, and Bob persuaded Patty and Selma to help them (even though he had tried to kill Selma once!) They take control, swoop down and save the Sea Captain, not realising that Kodos is clinging onto the bottom. Then, Bart and Lisa find a secret basement, and go down to find Snake Jailbird and the Rich Texan plotting something, with Frink, Lenny, Carl and Barney all helping them! They must lure him into a corner, so that Homer can use the weight panel to knock over Mr Burns' stuffed bear. They must find objects to throw at him, then force him to tell them where they will find the villain. All the character are there like Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, Maggie, and of course Flanders. Then, Homer and Marge follow them, and must protect Maggie from the attacking Benders. A Simpson (or two in multiplayer mode) are given prams and challenged to a race against Baby Gerald and Ling Bouvier, in their own prams. LEGO The Legend of Robin Hood: the video game,, TV Remote Control: can fix or break electrical circuits, Weight: can push down heavy buttons on his own, or smash cracked walls and glass, Radiation Gloves: can use plutonium rods as weapons, or build radioactive LEGO items, Throw Pies: as weapons, or to hit distant buttons, Slingshot: as a weapon, or to hit distant buttons, Skateboard: can travel quickly and knock down enemies, Glide: can glide long distants after a double jump, Saxaphone: can shatter glass, or deafen enemies, Vacuum Cleaner: can move leaves or dirt to uncover hidden items, Boring: can move anywhere in Stealth Mode without enemies being interested, False Teeth: can cut through ropes and wires, Rocket Launcher: as a weapon, or to hit distant buttons, Explosives: can destroy shiny metal objects, Companion: can connect with other 'Companion' characters, to gain 'Heavy' or 'Strong' abilities, Shotgun: as a weapon, or to hit distant buttons, Belch: can shatter glass, or deafen enemies, Glasses: can start fires to destroy shiny metal objects, Left-Handed Scissors: can cut through ropes and wires, Trowel: can move leaves or dirt to uncover hidden items, Revolver: as a weapon, or to hit distant buttons, Wealth: can use his money to push down heavy buttons, Throw Cats: as weapons, or to hit distant buttons, Clone: can create another version of himself for companion abilities, Harpoon: as a weapon or to hit distant buttons, Long Arms: as weapons or to hit distant buttons, Spit Ink: as a weapon, or to hit distant buttons, Tentacles: can move leaves or dirt to uncover hidden items, Firework: can destroy shiny metal objects, Rake: can move leaves or dirt to uncover hidden items, Handgun: as a weapon, or to hit distant buttons, Flammable Fire Extinguisher: can destroy shiny metal objects, Machine Gun: as a weapon, or to hit distant buttons, Flame Thrower: can destroy shiny metal objects, Ray Gun: as weapon, or to hit distant buttons, Bombs: can turn enemies into bombs, to destroy shiny metal objects, Loud Laugh: can shatter glass, or deafen enemies, Unlocked after Bonus Game: "Santa's Little Help Me! Control a race car in a 3D environment, blazing across tracks in a magical, yellow-block world. Bart arrives, and Homer and Bart must work together to build large slingshots, blowing up the barrels to defeat the Texan. Please do not edit it without his permission. When the sisters are defeated, Homer and Krusty go to find out who is behind it all, but the room is empty. Homer then realises he needs to ask somebody what is going on, and after talking to Lisa, they decide to go and find Professor Frink. Buisness. Enemy Vehicles: Scientist's Cars (Weak, Fairly Weak, and Medium), Boss Vehicle(s): Mr Burns' Limo (Fairly Strong), Playable characters: Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, Milhouse van Houten, Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, Professor John Frink, Lenny Leonard, Carl Carlson, Barney Gumble. Then, Moe runs out of beer. When they arrive, they must work together to try and fix the broken automatic door, by finding the replacement parts in the car park and on the Kwik-E-Mart roof. Recreate priceless scenes from the classic animated TV series with LEGO The Simpsons House 71006 set and Game Of Bricks LEGO Lights for it! Suddenly, Legs and Louie attack them, and they must use their new weapons to fight Louie while Legs flees. Then, Homer reaches the TeleVisualiser 5000. ", Unlocked after Bonus Game: "Power To The Nerds", Unlocked after Bonus Game: "This Little Piggy", Unlocked after Bonus Game: "The Space Race (On Earth, With Aliens)", Purchasable from Springfield Police Station - $75,000, Purchasable from Springfield General Hospital - $75,000, Purchasable from Cletus's Shack - $50,000, Purchasable from Comic Book Store - $45,000, Purchasable from Lard Lad's Donut Store - $50,000, Purchasable from the Kwik-E-Mart - $60,000, Purchasable from Evergreen Terrace - $75,000, Purchasable from Springfield Mall - $100,000, Purchasable from Spaceship near Observatory - $150,000. ", Paws: can move leaves or dirt to uncover hidden items, Bark: can shatter glass, or deafen enemies, Sharp Teeth: can cut through ropes and wires, Unlocked after Bonus Game: "What's With All The Bus Fuss", Guitar: can shatter glass, or deafen enemies, Unlocked after Bonus Game: "Groundsleeper", Hedge-cutters: can cut through ropes and wires, Unlocked after Bonus Game: "How I Get (Rid Of) Your Mother", Unlocked after Bonus Game: "Power to the Nerds", Unlocked after Bonus Game: "Return of the Beer Baron", Unlocked after Bonus Game: "Esto es español. Marge and Lisa eventually arrive at an operating theatre, where Doctor Nick Riviera is about to cut off Grampa's arm! Find your favorite character from the hit TV series, The Simpsons. A spot to watch exclusive Simpsons episode that can only be seen on the game You can also go to the kitchen, where the table, chairs, fridge and counter are disambled lego … Story 2 - Not Short of a Sideshow Bob or Two, Story 3 - Not Over 'til the Fat Tony Sings, Story 4 - Time to go out with a Kang (or a Kodos), Chapter 3 - O, When the Dead go Marching In. LEGO The Simpsons: the video game is based off the popular cartoon series.

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