Italy tour – Ciao Italy!

By Len Friesen, tour leader

So it has come to this, as it does with all trips and all good things.  We have reached the end of our time together.  We head for the airport in Milan in about 30 minutes, though half of our party has already left for another return route home.

We made it from the beautiful Cinque Terre to Milan yesterday in time to tour the inside of this city’s great, exuberant, massive Duomo.  We even had time to take the elevator to the Duomo’s rooftop where we walked amidst flying buttresses, gargoyles, and an immensity of statues, all overseen by the golden Mary, Mother of God.

Then back to our final Italian eatery, this time located quite close to our palatial hotel.  Again there was much laughter and a time for rich reflection, though this time also more of us talked about what we’d be doing after we got home.

Everyone on this tour has previously travelled with TourMagination at least twice and it’s no surprise why.  Lots of travel companies can take you places, but I don’t believe that any can be better at creating a sense of caring community as much as this one can.

So three cheers to beautiful captivating Italy.  And many thanks to TourMagination for having made this trip of a lifetime come together so smoothly.  We leave for home overflowing with rich memories and newfound friendships.

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