Grindelwald Part 2

It’s the start of our last full day in the Swiss Alps. Amazing!

Yesterday started off rainy but it cleared by 9 a.m. and left us with some cloud cover off and all on day; and rolling mist. Put it all together and you never get a bad view. Two from our group rose high above us all as they went tandem on a hang-glider. They described it as “freeing and glorious, awesome, awesome, so amazing, like sitting in the air, wow, everything was clear, you almost feel like a bird.”

In short, seems they really enjoyed it! 😊

Still another party took the Jungfraujoch to the “Roof of Europe” atop the Jungfrau where they found an ice-encased world of wonder. They loved the views, the sense of being on top of the world. They described it as: amazing, being able to walk through a glacier, and take a train through a mountain, mind-boggling, an engineering wonderful, overwhelming as you look at the vastness, it was its own little world of splendour.

It seems they really enjoyed it also!
The rest of us took a gondola lift high above to Mannlichen and then enjoyed a 90-minute walk or so to Kleine Schiedegg as we enjoyed full-on views of the Eiger, the Monch and the Jungfrau, shifting in and out of the clouds and mist. What splendour, what peace amidst such awesomeness. Then you end up at a guesthouse as the Swiss/Europeans do it, where you can order a bowl of soup and a drink and take it all in. We took a train from there on the cliff’s edge to the mountain village of Wengen, then through a series of gondolas back to Grindelwald.

My wife and I have been fortunate to spend time in the German, Italian and Austrian alps, but there is simply nothing that beats this little corner of Switzerland.

I’ll wrap this up here and head for my room as we leave in 20 minutes to get our final day rolling. This has been such a tour of wonders, and it’s still not at an end.


– Len Friesen, Alpine Adventure Tour

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