Further explorations in Poland

Celebrating Tom’s birthday at the Gothic Restaurant located inside the Malbork Castle where we spent the afternoon touring the largest brick medieval castle in Europe.


Reg and Gil’s ancestral home! A momentous discovery!


At the Baltic Sea


An arcaded home – an accurate example of Mennonite architecture, built in 1740 by a Mr Klassen located in the former village of Neumuensterberg.


Phyllis posing in the spectacular Oliwa gardens. After an early morning saunter through the gardens we attended a delightful organ concert in the gorgeous baroque style cathedral.


Pat standing by the tombstone of her Esau (married name) and Wall (maiden name) ancestors in the Heubuden cemetery belonging to one of the largest former Mennonite villages in the Vistula Delta.


John and Thomas, pastor at the former Mennonite Church located just outside of the Golden Gate entering into Gdańsk, have a friendly conversation. He met with the group and shared some history and then some current activities of the church.

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