Exploring the Emmental

by Audrey Voth Petkau, tour leader

Stunning scenery as we drive through the Susten Pass in the Swiss Alps


Our bus along with all the riders at the peak of the Susten Pass on a glorious warm and clear day.


The group enjoyed the 1.4 km long catwalk through the Aareschlucht which is a gorge formed by the erosion of the Aare River through the rock formation.


During our Bern walking tour we listened to the chimes at the half hour of the clock tower. This 13th century landmark medieval city gate also served as a guard tower and a prison.


Edie waving to us from a fenster in the Trachselwald Castle.


Katharina Zimmermann, the author of the historical novel “Die Furgge” was our guest speaker in Bern. She and John Ruth (most recent book entitled “Branch”) exchanged books. Zimmermann’s novel has been translated into English and will be on book shelves mid-September.

  • 5 years ago, 11:44

    Do you have copies of Die Furgge in English available to buy?

    • 5 years ago, 8:12

      Unfortunately we do not, but I believe you can order it from Masthof Press.

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