European Family Heritage Adventure DAY 5

In Cologne, Germany, we visited the renowned Cologne cathedral. A unique combination of Gothic & Catholic styles, it is considered an architectural masterpiece. Construction began in the 4th century and was completed in 1880. It is one of the tallest cathedrals in the world. Currently, there are 100 craftspeople restoring the building year-round with 20,000 visitors daily.

Later, we enjoyed a relaxing hour-and-a-half-long cruise on the Rhine River. We witnessed river life of villages and cities, churches, cathedrals & castles. The landscapes are green and lush, sometimes dotted with herds of sheep or plentiful, terranced vineyards.

We later visited Weierhof, a 17th-century village where Mennonites have and continue to reside. The original house where services were held still stands today, and the original Mennonite church remains an active congregation. The ancient cemetery here continues to be lovingly cared for with lovely flowers and foliage. The director of the German Mennonite archives provided insightful historical information and shared historical Bibles and other literature with us.


– Joyce Yoder

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