End of the Cuba tour

by Jack Suderman, tour leader

January 24

We’ve had a very good, more relaxing day. We spent some time in the morning roving the pedestrian-only streets of Cienfuegos, with lots of vendors of all kinds. The group really appreciated some time on their own to stroll and mosey along.

This afternoon we visited the BIC centre. That turned out to be a really highlight, very moving.

January 25

Today we stopped in at Santa Clara; heard and saw the Che Guevara story; travelled through some lovely agricultural zones, which the farmers among us especially appreciated.

We arrived in Varadero in good time. The weather here is again cool and windy, so the beach is not yet putting its best face forward; we’re hoping tomorrow it may change.

January 26

Too bad, that when we get to Varadero, instead of calm, beautiful, turquoise waters, with sunny skies, and deep blue shades, we have rough waves, cloud, rain, and some wind.

Well, we had a very good day at the Christian Centre for Reconciliation and Dialogue (CCRD). For some it was the highlight. We had lovely conversation, good lunch at the farm, a nice orientation and walk-around, and lovely weather

January 27

Today we had a lovely warm day, with sun. So folks were able to enjoy the beach and such.

We shared a great last supper together and are preparing to leave.

The spirit of the group has been very good, and we appreciate each one.

  • 4 years ago, 12:43

    Did you get out before the tornado? Is everyone ok?

    • 4 years ago, 1:14

      Thanks for your concern, Joyce! The tornado is sad news but nobody in our group was hurt.

      • 4 years ago, 12:23

        That’s good news about your group. Thanks for letting me know, Morgan.

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