Day 6 Peace Pilgrim Tour

The above photo shows the spectacular view our group enjoyed from the top of the Horns of Hattin–the mountain in the Galilee where Crusaders from Europe were defeated by Muslim armies of Saladin in AD 1187. The Europeans were crushed and thousands killed. We lamented the whole concept of Christians invading the Holy Land to try to wrench this beautiful land back from the Muslims.

On this mountaintop we read Isaiah 11–a vision of the lion and lamb living peaceably together. In the distance ahead on this photo is the Sea of Galilee and the Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus taught the way of peace and love of enemies. We prayed for reconciliation between Muslims and Christians today.

The weather continues to be sweltering hot, so we are swapping tomorrow’s (Tuesday’s) schedule with Thursday. That is, tomorrow we will hike up in foothills of Mount Hermon, where it should be cooler. Despite the challenges, this has been a great group and a great journey. Today we waded into waters of the Jordan River, and blessed one of our group members who expects to be baptized in August.

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