female artists at auction

Auction turnover: $10,317,602 American-born painter Mary Cassatt spent most of her life in France, where she was amongst the only female artists to exhibit with the Impressionists. Belonging to the Young British Artists group, Jenny Saville is best known for her profoundly stylized pieces of nude portraiture which depict captivating bulky figures. // Show signup failure error and hide other errors } var generalSettings = { var signup = slideInModal('Down'); + 'Thank you for subscribing!' Featured image: Tamara de Lempicka - La Tunique Rose, 1927. }, var head = document.head Featured image: Agnes Martin - Orange Grove, 1965. function addCss(fileName) { Featured image: Julie Mehretu - Black Ground (Deep Light), 2006. var cookieSettings = { List of Most Expensive Women Artists Work at Auction The total turnover for the artist's works is $80,413,724, with the majority being sold in the price range of between $1m and $5m (a total of 15), while 4 went for over $5m. Who Are the Most Expensive Women Artists at Auction? + '