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£437.99 + £115.50 P&P . I show how to check the alignment of a bicycle frame using just a piece of string and a ruler. BG Racing String Line Kit B-G String Lines are the easiest and most accurate way to achieve four wheel alignment. You can also purchase an alignment kit or chassis stabilizer. That is, they point in the same direction and are not offset from each other. In the "Lines" heading, click one of the line templates. Toe. What caster is was covered well in TURNology before. Here you can see our floor is registering 0.0 degrees. This is done using strings creating the parallelogram for the entire car. We'll send you raw engine tech articles, news, features, and videos every week from TURNology. Using white boards on the wall of the shop is a very simple way to quickly track how your adjustments are changing the whole car. No heavy Jack stands, engine blocks or other heavy race car parts to "weight the string alignment system" This is the Ultimate Racing 3 Laser 4 Wheel Smart String Alignment System. Have the steering wheel locked in place a the center (straight) position, either by having a driver in the seat holding it or with a locking tool. This was an unacceptable result for our team, who is used to being on the front row. JOSAM is a recognised market-leader in wheel alignment and straightening equipment for heavy vehicles. TI MOTORSPORT BILLET ALUMINIUM STRING LINE WHEEL ALIGNMENT KIT. and a template for setting up for caster adjustments. This made sense based on the fact I couldn’t go flat through a right hand curve (putting a lot of load on the left rear tire). • Four powder coated boss units that are fully adjustable to give options to suit various vehicles and applications. It’s portable and works on uneven surfaces, allowing you to measure and then mess with toe, camber, caster, and steering-axis inclination. He’s sold over 20,000 units which are used worldwide by everyone from pro racing teams, to autocrossers and even aftermarket shops. Spicer and Dana; Neapco; Rockford; Powertrain Industries; Driveline Service. The easiest place to align a car is a level space with a smooth floor and lots of lighting. Free international voice and video calls make it easy to stay connected. Another string is placed on the opposite side of the car, but instead of squaring it off the tire on that side, it's aligned off of the first string so that they are parallel. The measurements are easy to read, but make sure you have a shop manual on hand in order to properly affect adjustments. The front and back track width on cars are generally not the same so the measurement between front and rear will differ. We use white boards on the shop walls to track our alignment progress. In order to set the thrust angle correct and have the car track straight, both the front and rear of the car need to be set relevant to one another. Cab Alignment. Do the same on the other side. here’s a unit in use in by a race team in Great Britain. This has proven to be extremely advantageous competitively. Alignment and modification of chassis frame ... All methods use a straight line as a datum and compare the chassis to the datum to establish the straightness of the chassis. Here you can see we nailed it. To make camber adjustments on our Honda Challenge car we simply lengthen or shorten our Hardrace upper control arm. Here is what the Smart Strings tools look like once they are quickly assembled. I can wind in 2 bits of threaded rod through nuts attached to the wood. The string bars have a number of pre-machined grooves for the strings to locate in, and a pair of extension bars making the B-G String Lines suitable to cars of different widths. This product is guaranteed against faulty manufacture for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. We can either do that by having a driver sit in the seat (a very boring job) or add weight to the seat to replicate the driver. I was radioing in to my spotter the car wasn’t handling right. To adjust toe, simply turn the inner tie rod clockwise or counter-clockwise to move the outer tie rod in or out from the vehicle. We were able to get 5.1 degrees of positive caster on the left front (maxed out). One of the greatest advantages of Smart Strings and Smart Camber are their portability. The next setting to measure and adjust in our order of operations is caster. • The tubes come in three different lengths and can be joined using the four tube connectors provided. 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To see how good Smart Racing Products alignment tools were we decided to align a car and then take it to a reputable alignment shop and compare the strings against the computer. You can throw your string wheel alignment system AWAY and you will be happy you did!! Simply hold it against the wheel and the digital display will tell you what your camber angle is set at. The Smart Strings take a little practice in setting up on a car the first time. Chassis Alignment Basics The outline is as follows: (1) Align wheels. And, the angles should be kept to a minimum if at all possible. This software can assess whether all the wheels are rolling in the same direction, parallel to the centre line of the frame, ensuring greater safety, a decrease in fuel consumption and a decrease in tyre wear. These I engage with the wheel rim at the back of the front wheels, then remove and test at the front. After a certain distance, lines and points can no longer be focused; lines get wider and points get larger while both decrease in brightness. Video: Scaring Mom In A Lotus Exige Cup 430 At Cadwell Park! The time-honored method of checking chassis frame alignment is by measurement of diagonals using a plumb-bob and a chalked string. Experiment with the other alignment options on the window, if desired, such as changing how the lines line up to all be hanging indents with a three inch margin. Why build this box with strings?” The answer is simple: Toe plates work great for setting toe at one end of the car, however, they don’t recognize what the other end of the car is doing. By holding the Smart Camber tool against the wheel, you can see our wheel is at 2.9 degrees negative camber. The company is now limited consisting of 3 Directors, our founder (Ted Pearce) started in the business In 1951, working mostly mobile in London and the home counties, but also … I'm sure the vast majority of people already know how format strings work in general, so I won't dwell on it much here. Video: Touring Car Ace Slides 1,000-HP Skyline GT-R Around Goodwood! The front and rear of the car each have a set of string bars, which come in two pieces. The setting probably changed after bouncing off of the curbing at Buttonwillow. To find the true center of the wheels we machined some portable center caps from Delrin for our Enkei RPF1s. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network. For this reason when doing alignments there is a specific order of operations: LINE is available for a variety of smartphone devices (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Nokia) and even your PC. Rob Krider will race absolutely anything. North Carolina State University: Indents and Tabs ; Tips. 2. BG Racing Chassis Alignment String Line Kit Universal and Accurate car set up BGR200. Here you can see how we determined if we had positive or negative caster and how we calculated how much caster we had. This settles the car’s suspension to the actual weight when being driven for more accurate alignment. Have you inadvertently moved the chassis or front wheel? One of the easiest and cheapest modifications a racer can make to his or her vehicle to try to find more performance and speed is by changing alignment settings; simply adjusting camber, caster and toe can radically improve a car’s handling ability. This is done using a small ruler. Step 6 . Smart Strings creates a perfect parallelogram (rectangle) around the car where you can measure toe alignments by measuring from the outer rectangle to the edges of the rims. Aggressive autocross alignments will destroy a set of street tires on a long road trip. The frames are fully adjustable to allow fitment to a wide range of cars and attaches to the vehicle using the hooking feet which are interchangeable to all of the tube s in the kit. Hold your hand very still and have an assistant turn the tire one full turn, creating a line around the circumference. I brought the car in and we immediately set up Smart Strings on the car. Answer: We were right on the money using strings! At those different steering angles we re-measure our camber to calculate caster. Strings connecting the two string bars at the front and rear of the car create a perfectly square parallelogram (rectangle) around the car. What is handy about this setup is you can roll the car back and forth to settle the suspension with the Smart Strings rig on the car. B-G String Lines are the easiest and most accurate way to achieve four wheel alignment. Here you can see the string bars placed into the rigging hanging off the front and rear of the car. • String line reels make it simple to apply the string to the stringing bars and to store it when not in use. (2): A more constraining definition of the term also requires that both wheels are in the same plane. We use large white boards in our shop to track our alignment as we are going along. This allows us to do two things with Smart Strings: 1. find the height of the center of the wheel (11.75 inches) and 2. to help center the string box around the car. Build your own custom newsletter with the content you love from Turnology, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE! Robby was also racing Indy cars at the time and Craig went to hang out with him at Laguna Seca for an Indy car race. Once the rectangle around the car is created it is time to start taking measurements to determine toe-in or toe-out settings. For a rear wheel drive car we like toe-out in the front and toe-in (tires turned in) in the rear. Our network of mobile technicians are trained "in house" to an exceptional standard at our static wheel alignment centre, situated just off J18/M1 utilising our 35 years + of experience. Draw your line. £419.99 + £47.40 P&P . 6. With the car still up on the jack, hold a pocketknife, thin piece of chalk, or white pencil against the center of tire tread. You can move your line by clicking and dragging it. For a road-racing set-up on a front wheel drive car, we like toe-out (tires turned out) in the front and the rear. String Alignment The Smart String system drops right into your engine bay. Faulty goods should be returned to their place of purchase, no product can be returned to us without prior permission. Even what seems to be minor damage can cause continuing problems for the operator. Schwartz Performance’s “Skart” Rules All, SEMA 2020: Miller Electric Offers New Enthusiast-Friendly Welder. I’ve been asked before, “Why not just use toe plates? Laser measuring Using a laser beam is an accurate method. It is important to be able to verify a car’s alignment before and after a session to ensure it is set at optimal positions for peak performance. With positive caster the steering wheel tends to self-center while going down the track. Click and drag across the place in which you want to insert the line in your Word document to do so. You can also adjust the line's length and orientation by clicking and dragging one of the circles on the ends (or in the middle) of the line. We lean the piece of aluminum against the wheel to accurately display if our steering angle is lined up with our 20 degree steering chalk line. Our recommendation is to find a nice flat surface with good lighting to begin your alignment. Here we are dialing in some more rear toe-in on our Z06 after some serious over-steer issues at an event. We offer a comprehensive line of universal drivelines to give your truck maximum mechanical power. The frames are fully adjustable to allow fitment to a variety of cars—and attach to the vehicle using the hooking feet, which are interchangeable with all of the tubes in the kit. To carry out this check the vehicle should be placed on the level ground with a clear surface and handbrake applied. Craig Watkins knows how to setup successful racing cars and he made adjustments at the track using his Watkins Smart Racing Products tools on the Flying Lizard Motorsports Porsches. The two separate assemblies hang off of the vehicle (one on the front and one on the rear) to create a perfect rectangle with strings. But after a while they get easier and easier to use. For Double Nickel Nine Motorsports not only do we complete our own alignments at the shop with Smart Racing Products tools we verify our settings pre- and post-session at the track. The higher the power, the longer the line will be brighter than the environment and thus remain visible. Using our handy little aluminum millimeter ruler along with our center caps, we can determine how far from the center of the wheel our strings are. There was no time to put the car on a trailer and tow it to an alignment shop (not that we would find one open on a Sunday). Both the string method and the fancy method can help you align your bike so that it handles as good as new, if not better than. Using his Watkins Smart Racing Products tools he aligned the Flying Lizard Porsches to be fastest enough to earn a pole position at Le Mans and a victory at Daytona. The inner tie rod will have a spot where an end wrench can be used for this adjustment. B-G Racing Chassis Alignment String Lines - Universal Fitment - Highly Accurate. Industry Leaders in Suspension & Chassis Components. But towing a race car to an alignment shop during business hours and convincing the technicians there to set the car at unorthodox racetrack alignment settings is often a challenge. High Travel Springs In, Street Legal Mario Kart! What would be much easier for racers is to have a simple portable alignment system that provides repeatable results they can use in their own shop and at the race track. He is an engineer by trade and was formerly the chief engineer for Flying Lizard Motorsports. In addition to what comes in the box, we suggest few other items to help with your alignment: two fishing line reels, sidewalk chalk, a yard stick, a degree wheel, a small aluminum measuring tool (in millimeters), a flat plane, and wheel center caps. At our last Honda Challenge race I was qualifying and the car suddenly wouldn’t allow me to go full throttle through Riverside corner (a long high speed banked curve at Buttonwillow Raceway). Camber If your race car must have drive line angles from a design standpoint, the angle of the drive shaft to both the transmission output shaft and the pinion shaft should be equal and also opposite. Or learn more. There Craig saw Robby’s team using strings to align the Indy car before the race. We wanted it set at 3.2 degrees so we will have to make an adjustment. Camber and toe adjustments are pretty easy to measure and adjust, but caster has a bit more mystery to it. In 2003 Solent Bodybuilders began using JOSAM alignment equipment and invested in a JOSAM chassis straightening jig. No strings to setup, or bump out of position. We are going to go through step by step how to use the tools to set an accurate performance alignment. Race cars are driven extremely aggressively. And because the system is hung off your car, you can roll it back and forth to settle the suspension while making adjustments, a very cool feature. References. Wheel alignment using a piece of string - Cliff Pope : I built my own toe-in measurer years ago. We also do the same adjustment with the back wheels. Video: How Does One Build Confidence In A Race Car? Simply use two end wrenches (one on the tie rod, one the jam nut) and break the jam nut free. We will adjust the left side to get it down to one millimeter of toe-out to give us an even setup side to side and an overall toe-out in the rear of two millimeters out. BG Racing Brown & Geeson String Alignment Kit / Race Rally Geometry Setup. 1. Wheel the Land Rover out of the way … These measurements will indicate if you have neutral toe, toe-in or toe-out. Drive line angles that are not correct are a cause of vibration and power loss. To keep braking nice and straight we work hard to get our caster equal between both sides, even if it means dialing in a little less positive caster, so the two sides are the same. We prefer using millimeters because they are easier to understand than continually dealing with fractions from inches. • Four aluminium stringing bars and two extension bars with an anodised finish. That is, one wheel is not vertically tilted with respect to the other. To check your chassis correctly you will have to get the chassis on parallel with the ground (support it at each corner if needs be), then drop a plumb line from the suspension pick-up points and make chalk marks on the ground. (3) Check whether sprockets align (4) Check whether the frame and swingarm are straight. These measurements are made from the edge of the rim at string height to the fishing line. Craig said, “It was so simple, it made sense.” Craig went home and designed Smart Strings. Video: This 1JZ-Swapped Lexus IS300 Is A Budget Track Beast. In this photo you can see we are 121 millimeters out. We made the adjustments we needed and made it to grid just in time for the race. Strings connecting the two string bars at the front and rear of the car create a perfectly square parallelogram (rectangle) around the car. Craig Watkins invented Smart Strings and Smart Camber back in 1993. RAY-DEE-EYE track alignment; THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE; Large Scale; SM-32 & G Scale; Z Scale; DCC and Analogue Controllers + Decoders; Baseboards, Scenics & Scenearama Educational Projects ; Tools, Paints, Materials, Electricals and Sundries; Paint & Finish; Catalogues, Magazines and Books; Plastic Kits; Preiser Acitectural Modelling Figures; Misc. For our road racing cars we try to dial in as much positive caster as the vehicle will allow us to. • Three types of feet that fit easily to all three length tubes. Before he was engineering race cars at Le Mans, Craig was a desert racer competing in Baja. The B-G String Lines kit consists of front and rear multi-adjustable boss units manufactured from high-grade mild steel with a durable silver grey powder-coated finish, hooking feet manufactured from high-grade mild steel with a rubber coating, silver zinc plated various length tubes, string bars machined from aluminium with a bright silver anodised coating and plastic string line reels (BGR201), which are also available separately. © 2017 Power Automedia. A couple of inexpensive fishing reels from Walmart ($12) are an easy way to quickly reel in the line and store the tools without getting tangled strings in the toolbox. That aggressive style of driving can cause changes in vehicle alignment during warm-up, qualifying, or racing sessions. Established in 1978, we are reputed to be the first ever dedicated mobile wheel alignment company in the world, for all HGV'S, PSV'S, Mobile Cranes and Trailers. Draw a line. The chalk lines on the floor are for setting caster (we will get to that in a moment). Time to Activate More Grip. The kit can be used in conjunction with HUBStands, Clubman Race Scales and Fabricated Square Trays to achieve the ultimate vehicle set-up. For accurate measurements for caster we want to ensure we are turning the front wheels exactly 20 degrees in each direction. The lead measurement (front of the wheel) is 83 millimeters. Click the “OK” button to close the Paragraph window and return to the Word document with the lines newly aligned. We will print the string using the printf (String format, Object... args) method. The stringing bars feature machined grooves that the string lines locate in to ensure accurate positioning. Here is a quick reference guide for the Smart Camber (zeroing, calibrating, etc.) The maximum distance for getting a sharp line, crosshair or point is about 30 m. Laser power. Then he made these tools available to everyone. The frames are fully adjustable to allow fitment to a wide range of cars and attaches to the vehicle using the hooking feet which are interchangeable to all of the tubes in the kit. Here you can see our car has 4 millimeters of toe-out in the front (two millimeters each side) and three millimeters of toe-out in the rear (one millimeter on the right side and two millimeters on the left side). He confirmed my suspicions based on my qualifying time of 2:04.364 which put me in P4, row two. Long story short, we will never have to rely on an alignment shop again.

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