Bogota: Paraguay and Colombia Tour September 2018

I’m writing from Bogota. We got here yesterday with no issues after a long day of travel. After a good night’s sleep, all were in good shape today. The spirit in the group continues to be strong and positive. Hank Landes joined us in Bogota and he is a real asset to the conversations.

Today we had a full day: each encounter seemed more inspiring than the previous one. Our supper with members of the congregation was, I think, a highlight, and there was  good and mutual sharing all around. Our group has had a full wagon-load of input and discourse today, and, as Hank stated: “This is exactly what I came for. I’ve been wanting this for a long time.” I think the others are also feeling various things. I asked Brenda if she is inspired, and she said: “Yes, but “inspired” seems to tame a word; it is so much more: overwhelmed; motivated; awed; etc.”

Colombia is SO VERY different from Paraguay. Tomorrow we do a coach tour of Bogota, with a stop at a very poor Mennonite church for coffee in the morning; and supper with another church in the late afternoon.

Jack Suderman

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