Bethany Church Group Update: June 10th, 2022

museum in Schleitheim

Friday, June 10th

Today we headed out to Schleitheim, where we visited a museum in town, featuring a room that chronicled the beginnings of the Swiss Reformation Movement in 1523. Lots of artifacts to view as we contemplated again the great persecution experienced by our forefathers.

After a delicious lunch of Swiss schnitzel, we continued on to Baretswil, where our kind hosts guided us to the Anabaptist Cave, which was a former secret worship site. After a challenging hike, a very meaningful time of reflection by Pastor Larry took place, followed by communion and singing. It was totally worth the climb and we all left that place feeling refreshed and blessed.

As we wrap up this amazing European Reformation/Anabaptist trip, we have much to be thankful for.

Thanks to John Sharp for sharing his engaging stories and all of the history about reformation times, as well as putting up with a sometimes rowdy

Anabaptist Cave in Baretswil

group of pilgrims.

Group photo in the cave

It has been an adventure! 🧭😉

Thanks to Larry & Sharon for guiding us so well, and also putting up with this group of travellers! 🙂

Thanks to our bus drivers who safely led us across four countries, over hill & vale! 👏

Thanks to TourMagination for an awesome itinerary and chance to experience these places. 🗺

Finally, thanks be to God who is and was always with us along the way. We will never forget the things we have heard, the places we have been, the friendships we have made. We are blessed and grateful for this journey. 😊


– Angela Shantz

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