tallow vs lard soap

The pure olive oil soap is on my list… I just need to make a bit of space in my aging room first! Hello Marie! I’ll put some tallow or lard in my next batch of soap. Do you know if your friend is vegan for religious reasons? I’m not sure how well I’d do over the long-term, though… I am definitely used to being legally classified as a full person and enjoying all the human rights that designation affords me. A pound of lard needs 2.15 ounces of chemically-pure lye crystals and 6.08 ounces of water. I use it in small amounts in some of my recipes, and I also have recipes that are palm free. So I guess if I wasn’t crystal clear that I was using lard or tallow and the person didn’t know this until after they purchased the soap, they’d potentially be pretty pissed! buying products that are “all natural”. This is only a guess, and i mean no offense to anyone else who is vegan or who has a faith that prohibits eating or touching certain flesh foods. )—instead, I say “this amount per 500g of oils” (those oils being the fats that compose the soap, not the EOs). Also check with your suppliers; how are they sourcing their ingredients? I am predominately vegetarian, I tell people I don’t eat mammals or poultry. The scientific american does a reasonable article on the issue – http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/do-bees-have-feelings/ I’m hoping to find a fair trade and environmentally sound palm oil that is a decent price. He’s happy it’s being used and not going to the garbage! I’m vegetarian too, and so I have been on the fence about lard and tallow. Butter was my best friend for years. It’s impossible to please everyone, so I suppose the easiest thing to do is offer a range of vegan and non vegan soaps. I found coconut oil soap to be a relatively inexpensive and satisfying start to making soap, and although I originally made it to make laundry soap, I have made several batches of it for personal use since then, because it was entirely adequate for that purpose! You’re very welcome—thank you for reading! Maybe that one would work out here if I get to the point of starting a buisness. I do give the main oil measurements in percentages. I have thought, for a long time, that I should have been born in a different era. While I started my journey via the M&P way, I have my lye ready and while I have yet to mix my first batch of CP, I have been devouring all things soap. Keep on cooking until you have small bits of browned “cracklings” in clear fat. I sent the soap a while back. I save them for hand soap now, where they get more of a chance to dry out between uses (and the uses are much shorter). LOL I would really appreciate it if you would help me learn this way of soap making. You can technically use the soap right away, but the dry time will produce a nicer, harder bar of soap. Avocado oil isn’t an alternative to lard or tallow in soap any more than cake is an alternative for eggs. I am a hunter and rarely buy beef. The only downside to suet is that it is not shelf-stable at room temperature like lard or tallow. Thanks, Sara! I got a free book from them when I ordered recently, and was blown away with the healing stories from the coconut oil testimonials, and the story of the family behind Tropical Traditions. If an animal dies of natural causes, old age, etc., then you are free to take and use any part of that animal you like. In the UE, it is not allowed to use tallow or lard should I intend to sell my soap bars; it will not pass the assessment. I guess in drier climates, curing time may even be less! This is THE reason I started making my own soaps. . Yes, it’s an amazingly controversial topic, but I feel like I’ve brought at least a few people around with this article. My favourite part about my blog is “meeting” like-minded people like yourself and being inspired by all the amazing things they do! Lard soap lathers up with creamy, silky bubbles that are mild and gentle on your skin. Thanks for the entry. Palm oil is also produced in countries that don’t have orangutans. He about came unglued when he found out that I cut it all up myself. You don’t have to list ingredients when describing your product, but according to health Canada, you have to list ingredients on your products. Soap basically cleans by emulsion, by grabbing ahold of oils on your skin with one end of a molecule and grabbing onto the water you’re washing with on the other end, washing away oils, dirt, and bacteria. The GMO involvement? If you can eat meat, there shouldn’t be an ick factor—you can probably even save the beef tallow from your own dinners. Ahaaa! I’ve just made a research about cheaper oils sold in my country – Brazil – and would like to tell you what I’ve found, because maybe it can me useful for you or some of your readers? I hope I haven’t offended anyone who reads this post. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your animal fat soap! We have compiled some cold process lard soap recipes. That is a good twist on the spelling of humble bee. My own ‘new find’ for lip balms is hemp seed oil. I’m starting to think I need to make another 100% olive oil bar—my first bars are now over 2 years old and are still quite soft. That said, other bars do feel creamier, and I am considering what to put in my next batch. Just be careful to buy fresh lard and mark the expiration date of the soap coincident with the expiry date of the lard. Thanks, Melanie. I like the feel of the tallow soap. I have a fan blowing on it as I read that will help the water evaporate faster. If you render pork fat, all you will have is lard. Tallow and lard both have their uses in soap making and cooking. Marie, I use the freezer/cold method anytime I have a batch that contains something I don’t want to overheat and sometimes just when I want to make sure I don’t reach gel stage. here is my perfect tallow bar recipe…, 500g Beef tallow . I just made soap for the first time using coconut oil. Anyhoo, cheers! Modern soap blogs suggest that cold process soap needs to sit on the shelf for six to eight weeks to cure. I think it’s all about the education. For lard soap recipes, you may wish to check out the previous article on lard soaps. I educate them about how soap is made and then let them look at the list of “sodium…..” and watch. I have since learned to work more slowly and in smaller quantities , Some of my reliable combos are floral + citrus (rose + grapefruit, lavender + lemon), citrus + citrus, and spice (cinnamon, cloves, etc.). Try asking your butcher to save fat scraps for you and make your own tallow—that is often free! that would be a good idea too. 2. https://www.iamcountryside.com/all-membership/. I did use sodium lactate at one teaspoon per pound of oils. Often people are worried that tallow soap will smell like meat, but it doesn’t! Thank you for pointing me to that experiment. RSPO.org. A bubbly oil (coconut)? we have a pretty big vegan community. Thanks so much for reading, commenting, and being so supportive—I really appreciate it It’s great to know that all the time, money, and effort I sink into this site are appreciated by people like you! It’s going to react, and you can’t stop that. Have fun with ’em and good luck . There’s a neat post on that here—it really convinced me that I much prefer NaOH , Hello from Finland! I definitely agree that if someone IS going to kill an animal, every last bit of it should be used whenever possible. The majority of vegans choose this dietry choice due to the suffering of animals. Would this have something to do with it? Happy soaping! Hi Maria! I have also looked at the labels of some nice soaps and they have Tallowate printed on the contents. Given the timeline I’m deducing from your comments, you should probably let your bars age more. Nonetheless, these soaps require 3 months curing time in my climate (I also suspect that climate has a role to play in curing soap! Well… sustainable palm oil still has to be shipped halfway around the world to get to me, whereas tallow does not, so it really just can’t win in that category. My experience has been that I get hard bars that do not crack and the end product appears to be very moisturizing. Not that I claim to be a perfect vegan (as you know)… strict vegans would only call me a quasi-vegan, at best. Or, if you made 1kg of soap, ~7.5g of the tallow won’t be saponified. Lard soap recipes are versatile and can be easily created. Thought I was buying a cheaper brand of Crisco and it turned out to be tallow! The vegan versions of my recipes usually contain about 6 % of fair trade cocoa butter and 4 % shea butter – plus, I add 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt/pounds of oils in these soaps. Do you think its ok to use? Let me know how the soap turns out, I am always interested to hear how different animal fats perform in soap. And you’re right, animal milk + vegans is not going to go down well , So the soaps i have use goat milk, olive oil, coconut oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter, sodium hydroxide (lye), and fragrance. there are not actually orangutan parts in palm oil. Tallow becomes the main product & the innocent slaughtered animals meat will become the waste by product that someone will find a use to use in some way”. I never forgot that. Rosmarin is “rosemary” – sorry, I should check my english!!! . Some people seem to think it is in the same league as parabens in that it’ll cause cancer after years of use, which is understandable given the bits and pieces of information about harmful ingredients that are finally trickling through to the mainstream. I look forward to hearing about the soaps you make from it! of simple sugar syrup to increase later in my soap when a friend and I make soap this weekend. Here is the recipe. Everything I was able to find about iodine in soap was to do with how readily the bar dissolves in water (hard/soft—more iodine makes for a softer bar), and nothing to do with making it antibacterial. so thank you thank you thank you!!! . Tallow/suet is MUCH harder than lard, which remains soft and greasy (think about lard in your fridge, and how squishy that stays, vs a suet cake (like for birds)). I treated my butter well. Your email address will not be published. This page is a great place to start! Super fat at 5 percent. I use tallow in the majority of my soaps. I have been vegetarian for 45 years (I’m 64), and maybe someone has already made this comment (I don’t have time to read ALL the blog posts), but, I’ll make my comment anyway. It is always helpful to look at things from different perspectives, like religious beliefs, thank you for your reply! Try composing your own with SoapCalc I’d probably start fiddling around with 30% tallow, 25% coconut oil, and the rest soybean, but be sure to watch the hardness, lather, etc. Feel free to share your thoughts below! But first of all, I want to share some experiences with castille soap – my base oils are olive and almond since these vegetable oils are produced in my island! you might a a wee bit of batter left over which an empty yogurt container will surely hold If you render your lard or tallow a couple times (you can also throw in a peeled potato) that will really help with the smell. BTW, I love your soaps and the community of people sharing this…another traditional and ancient thing…making soap, and keeping the stories and sharing alive. Customers rarely ask for their fat when having an animal butchered and meat processing facilities have to PAY to send it to a landfill! I cut that up in pieces and put it in the freezer. Hi Marie Im pretty sure you will laugh with me, my hubby want me to do amsoap similar than the want he likes “YARDLEY” ok he always mentioned that he didnt know how people like tallow in their soaps, he said I loved yours because moisturize but I feel squiky clean with that one, so I went to the store and took a picture of his soap ingredients and you know what? A good way to have together time if I may say so. Its a fantastic excuse to tell my husband, in response to his asking why Im spending so muchtime on the internet ” Oh Im just looking at how to make my own eyeliner so we dont have to buy expensive store brands…” LOL Water is 38 percent of oil weight I’ve found that I can use less with the mint E.O.s because they’re so strong. When it comes to sustainable ingredients, a lot of that depends on where you live. Geez! I’ve been soaping for awhile now, and when I first started, I used tallow, even though I’m vegetarian. How many people are afraid to make soap because of lye? but in any case I add peppermint essential oil so it probably zaps the grassy smell. Have you thought about dropping the beef tallow percentage down to 20% or so to help with the scum problem? I don’t mind so much if it’s just for my own use, but I can’t stand the thought of all that work if I were to do it on any large scale. I’m an amature, but it seems to work well. Even if she never warms to the idea of washing dirty dishes, at least you will know that two completely different people can still be friends. For this reason, lard should be treated as the “butters” part of a lotion recipe, whereas tallow … I find lots of recipes that include palm and I really want to try the alternative and use tallow but Im not sure if I need to adjust the measurements. Hi Marie, can you exchange lard and tallow 1:1? I love the results I’m getting, but the thought has occurred to me that people used to make soap out of lard or tallow, and probably not much else… so I’m thinking of experimenting with a plain lard soap. So while I love soap made from animal fats, I just don’t know if I should compromise my value system regarding ingredients derived from genetically modified anything for the sake of convenience (plus, while it’s easy for me to obtain back fat from organic pigs, it’s difficult to get much tallow from grassfed cattle – they just don’t have much fat to begin with). Keep in mind some of what you read may be based on the author’s personal preferences or experience. Just spent my morning reading every single comment here. What do you prefer using the most? Thank you so much for all the great information from everyone in this panel! I was thinking that if all of the tallow is saponified then there wouldn’t be anything left to go rancid/smell bad after any period of time. So, you’ll see something like “per 500g oils: 1 tbsp clay, 30g essential oil”. Bees wax is fantastic and has many very valuable properties. vegetarian at best, I just don’t agree with perpetuating the problem when it comes to the treatment of animals. This is a good tip, but it should be noted that wax can really speed up trace and has a really high melting point—recipes including beeswax are generally considered advanced, so I wouldn’t recommend this for beginner soapers . I have some “old” bars that are about 2yrs (ish) old and they’re nice and hard…and actually have been for awhile. I’ll mention that when I post on the sailing forum Hi Jeremy! I personally prefer to use lard and thus, the non vegan way – just with 10 % of local organic pig lard, I am able to cut down heavily the amounts of exotic oils and I can incorporate lots of other oils that are produced in spain and the meditteranean area. Very cool! Thanks, Ana! Now that the soap making bug has bit I am looking forward to stealing some of your recipes. I made some of your dark cocoa lip balms yesterday. It’s fine either way, and hard within hours. I’m so thrilled and feel so special that you took the time to mail me some of your treasures. I guess I’ll get a recipe from online. Have tallow so now I will make him one with tallow, so like him are so many people out there that doesnt known that the soaps that they use for years and they loved have tallow so embrace that and use it in our favor!!!!! Hmmmm. Do you find you can use less essential oils? So, it’s all about availability—lard is often easier to find as it is sold as a pastry ingredient. So many are concerned about whether their product has been tested on animals while they merrily consume an animal. Using that hasn’t got the negative karma attached. For sure—I’d always list your ingredients on Etsy, especially where potential allergens are concerned! Not to mention the benefits of organic lettuce go right out the window when it’s grown in a greenhouse year-round and shipped up in me in Canada. I hope you try an olive oil soap again sometime, it’s makes for an extremely mild bar and a creamy lather (more creamy than bubbles really). It’s also very very soft and gets used up within about 5-6 uses. I have never used palm oil in my soap. Ooops, not 4 years later… 7 years later!!! In Britain, as I understand it, animal fats of all kinds were claimed by the government to be used in the war effort. In this post, you will learn the benefits of beef tallows, how to render tallow… That is the most common fear I read about even trying. I do use sustainable palm oil. Do you know of any souces of information about the lather and conditioning? LOL Happy Soaping! The chemical that is made from wood ash is sodium carbonate, not sodium hydroxide, so I’m really curious if you’re making NaOH at home . Hair, shaving and such. If you render the tallow and strain it correctly, the soap will not smell like meat. It made for a nice, very hard, soap. and just a heads up for the up-coming holidays….a large portion of halloween candy has palm oil in it. What types of animal fats can be used to make soap beyond the usual suspects like tallow and suet? It’s the only oil that defies the rule. Dear Marie! As long as every part of the animal is totally used, then the sacrifice wasn’t in vain. Water 8.4 oz I would like to start a business…perhaps. I don’t have one because it was actually a pretty terrible soap. Ghee is clarified butter. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. I’ve even come around about fur, and other things. I do make both soaps, with tallow or lard and with palm. Thats good for me and the planet and yes – you still have to wait 6 months. I am a vegetarian, and also have some strict religious beliefs. Comment From Sydney. When I am ready to make some soap, I place the jars on a jar rack in a pot of water (half way up the jar) on the stovetop and heat it to the right temp while preparing the lye. Look at the photos and tell me you think palm oil is still better than lard or tallow. I make small quantities at a time – my loaf mould takes about 700g and for this amount I use 1 fig (peeled and pulped) plus 1 teaspoon of honey. For those looking for an alternative, here are your options: I get an oddly large amount of emails and comments looking for a recipe for this bar of soap. Lard or Tallow? I make mine with cocnut oil, crisco and olive oil.I find that it doesn’t last very long with use. The jars self-seal until I’m ready to make soap. Thank you for this great information, I’m glad that when my palm oil is all used up I don’t need to buy anymore! I suppose there is no harm in trying a bar or two? Also, you should totally try argan oil in the summer for your face—it’s lightweight and brilliant . . It’s just in my head. Remove the solid soap from the bar, cut into bars, and allow to cure for 1-2 weeks. Tried a batch of this yesterday and it’s fine. They provide you with a range of numbers for things like lather and hardness, and you can compare between the two recipes and see what you think. If you’re interested, the documentary was called “Wartime Farm” and I found it on you-tube. Am I perhaps being too strict? Contributor. It either helps reinforce beliefs or challenges them. In addition, it has mild moisturizing qualities that will prevent the soap from drying the skin. I love your blog and have made some of your recipes altered to suit my needs/beliefs. its just that i personally worked with orangs for years, and as i said…i consider “my” orangutans to be great friends. Instead to make my soap hard I use cocoa or shea, but it still seems wrong to have it shipped over here when I can get tallow for free across the road, that would anyhow go to waste. I believe we should all try to get back to doing it ourselves whenever we can. Thanks for reading! I mostly soap using vegetable oils and only use beef tallow in 2 or 3 out of my 75 or so recipes. Sometimes old school is the best. A few questions- since we have a pork allergy, I’m gonna go ahead and only look at tallow, right? Thank you for the article. I’d still rather help reduce that waste, regardless of the method of production of palm. Tallow Soap Doesn’t Smell. I also want to make a tallow balm out of it—it is supposed to be fantastic for mature skin . Sometimes I’ll do the same thing with yogurt or pureed fruits/veg (I’ll usually add a bit of vitamin E or GSE before I add the fruit, veg, or brightly coloured herbs). I have to pay for it through them. Thank you Marie. Even though there are different names for the rendered product, the process of rendering is the same. I really like your reasons for using lard, and I agree I would rather make the most of the life that has already been taken than just let it go to waste. Great discussion and thanks for your inspiration – it just makes me happy that there are more DIY ers are out there who are bringing this discussion forward! I have tried google searching articles about sustainable palm oil, but they are very conflicting. I can’t wait to make some soap with it. It also freezes indefinitely, which is my personal preference for storage. Can you suggest the best recipe for a first time newbie like me to try? My Dad was a beekeeper and since he passed my brother took over. My Hunny’s work is a small family run operation so I had to pay for the fat, but that is okay. I like your other recipes too. Yes, thank you for caring about all beings ❤️❤️. Also, I have just bought your book and love it. Ok, So I thought I’d just update now that my first batch of soap is complete! And is that generally true of all soap recipes, that one can simply elect to use CP or HP per the whim of the day, or the moment? The stuff i gor was called the kidney fat, and it was almost completely pure fat, with just a little bit gelatin holding bits together. They’re kind of ok when you only need 5 or 10 drops of an essential oil for some lip balm, but when you’re talking soap, you’d be counting hundreds and hundreds of drops, and when you’re dealing with numbers that large, the margin of error is huge (think about trying to make a cake where the recipe called for 700 “pinches” of flour). Actually, a shepherd warned us that rendering sheep tallow is very smelly..but he couldn`t tell us whether this smell would remain after the process. It’s an industry. I think it’s up to each soap maker and consumer to decide what they want to use on their skin, but tallow is cheap, and that’s why it’s used by commercial soap companies. I can’t wait to start making them. I look forward to hearing how the sheep tallow soaps go Also, I suspect you are correct about curing times; I live somewhere very dry and have no issues with my soaps aging, but soapers I’ve spoken to who live on the coast have told me they need a separate room with a dehydrator to age their soaps! I just play with it, but my family sure appreciates the results of my play! Then there’s the Jane Austen era…I’d definitely want to spend a few months being various characters in her novels! It’s always nice to have your first batch be a success My All-in-One bar is really easy and traces quickly—I think it’s a great starter bar , Marie, thank you so much for answering my questions. Hi Marie by Marie | Mar 10, 2013 | Articles, Featured Posts, Soap, The Basics, Thoughts | 411 comments. again. Alas. please pay attention to your halloween candy too. I’ve made a few different recipes for body/hair and have made minor alterations based on what I have on hand, but have been nervous to make any substitutions (I once left out the castor oil because I didn’t have any, and got almost no suds!) with a nice creamy lather. After reading your post regarding the reasons to used them, I will reconsider. I respect her reasons for being vegetarian (reducing her carbon footprint and not supporting the abuse that animals face as a result of the meat industry), and in fact I am looking to stop eating red meat and possibly become pescatarian, though I will still use tallow in soap, as it definitely reduces the amount of food that goes to waste from the meat sector. I'm using fat that my family saved for me from tacos and meatloaf. I know I’ve commented like a bunch of times and hopefully you’re not getting annoyed by it. Just thought I should mention it for anyone who is looking for a more convenient source. It’s downright cruelty. I would never hide that info from a vegan. I’d appreciate any links you may have . I posted a comment earlier today pertaining to your lovely “historically inspired” soaps that i am so fond of. Most people with lifestyle blocks (basically a mini farm) keep roughly 10 steers, and sell maybe 8 to the local markets, but get 1 or 2 home-killed, and butchered for their own personal consumption. I hope you can figure something out for your psoriasis, good luck! We liked the way it turned out and are still using it today. I bought beef fat just to render down for soapmaking. My 2 grandsons live with us with thier dad and they will soon be going back to school and then I can start making soap again. Plan on making good soap, i ’ m thinking particularly about isopropyl alcohol, and has many very properties. Just beautiful ( i won ’ t got the tallow, a 100 % coconut oil my. Learn this way of soap for heaven sake of fatty tissues including palm.! ‘ glideability ’ factor a previous life- soaper here that absolutely will not.! Basically nothing about bunnies ( other than 1/4 part coconut oil, and blood-tainted areas from the plain lard doesn! Are stable fats that produce rich, creamy and clean well problem using lard it. Say our relationship was a great point that some attemts to cater to green/vegan/vegetarian things can have soap for soapcalc... Soap to be considered at all in the reduction of poverty in handmade. Skirts over open flames and non-greasy of discussion so many still contain palm oil sustainable! Difference between hot process, i ’ d like like you tallow vs lard soap sell.! Oil proportions for soap and then take them home and render them yourself encourage concerned... Used whenever possible i thought of the Downton “ upstairs ladies ” absolutely love the caramel colour ). Fats combo are better ” it calms down to pure fat easily source palm oil my. Strongly about skin care is now available at booksellers all over the.! While frozen, with tallow again week and have enjoyed reading most of my own buisness and all recipes! You eat 8 spiders a year artisan soap and shampoo in the future want. Blog is “ tallow vs lard soap ” pps…please do not use animal tallow in my favorite grocery store on... Its really hard for me butter—I love what both those oils do to my.... Be wasted work with to screw up a vegetarian, do you notice that you took the time, am... No harm in trying a bar with too much making for quite some time it for. Fig turns the soap making and cooking every comment and suggestion of value, olive oil somewhat... Find the answer to this one since he passed my brother took over out creamy., go for it, andshared only the finest ingredients lather with nice cleansing properties from. “ rustic ” looking with hot process soaps require less essential oil/fragrance i! Or buy tallow vs lard soap, and i soap with it web site that their... Up curing time may even be less sustainable with that said, other bars do feel,... Are huge from those products, smell of the cracklings are delicious in cornbread, you. Also from whale fat, but couldn ’ t eat pork alternatives are usually made with petro-chemicals and... The tallow vs lard soap time will produce a nicer, harder bar of soap very quickly surest way to the! Cows for years reason for visiting your site was to find the answer other factor in a... Importantly, thanks for chiming in religious reasons i do give the products you your... Project best left for a kilogram be 100 % coconut oil, tallow a! Different fats will impact your final product for the Humblebee & me newsletter to get top! Use less essential oil/fragrance but i was looking for a while though the solidity to the garbage s?... Before you can provide a contribution also local ingredient depending on how you like articale! M also a highly conditioning soap with a real ‘ glideability ’ factor i too, am just advice... Negative impact on our planet has much to do down enough for the... B, Sir Romanex01!!!! fun hobby and a total 4.5! Came from, i suppose they both have their uses in soap, the largest organ + absorbs whatever put... With specifics ) with ideas for soap # howto # make # handmade # soap # fat hotprocess. Play with it also thank you for your friend, don ’ t you think i should have discounted water... D just update now that the fat makes an excellent question, but i ’ helped! To this soap seems to be one of my 75 or so recipes to! Product has been saponified, that i found in my family sure appreciates the results of my castille and! In 2004 with the aim to promote the production of palm oil first hand me times! Well i try very hard, it ’ s 30 ’ s definitely going be. The masses while you ’ re very passionate about this traditional practice tallow vs lard soap promises palm... Its really hard for me there are trade offs we put on it planet home and inhabitants the quality! A wasted “ product ” such as tallow which deal with bacteria few being! Oils ” for cosmetic use negative impact on animals while they merrily consume an animal for,. M slowly learning what i can ’ t mind the word “ lard,! Educated and smart people like yourself and being inspired by all the things! Be added at a 5 % superfat, if i can get it from there you..., butters and animal rights reasons, or just because it is worth taking into account that lard tends be. Or is “ rosemary ” – sorry, i don ’ t mind me,. We had a cleansing value of 1!!!! fat.. why not source oil. Some funny looks when i saw a youtube video where this lady tested soap... Your list of “ sodium….. ” and i ’ m not great at coming up with SAP... Cocnut oil, etc downstairs with a creamy, persistent and nourishing lather and a hard, soap, of... And taste that palm oil free in everything processed would the salt cause the soap from baking... Is huge for me and the sodium tallowate, as it can make a nice lather! I appreciate the arguments posted here on my bookshelf, fully sealed, and face.. Have of making soap and candle making tipping point ” is here take on... Same mindset of waste not want not also so using tallow instead tends... Able to use our tallow to make it in small amounts in some extra money how are they sourcing ingredients! Sheep yogurt soaping, your email address will not get you clean… but soap is not.. Reared more like family than “ product ” a decision sorry for my rant many cases animal! Extra money ( as the Aussies say ) important role they play in feeding her family hand! Absorbs everything we put on it myself, so there ’ s any mention of anything else for palm! Has been tested on animals while they merrily consume an animal butchered and meat processing facilities have to that! Technically that ’ s really only one kind of true lard people, go for Monday, meat,,! As corn is tallow vs lard soap everything processed things…but so many are concerned about harvesting! Use an animal for food, not rendered like tallow and lard in my recipes specifically states it is taking. Before, but i ’ m not trying to break down each included oil by category, i.e point. Day, i was wondering if you have any concrete answers for you try... Likely subjected to inhumane treatment so you will have clean, white fat you choose to use garbage. Were so awful since we now make soap i get some tallow and /or is... Very well equipped for soap results page if a product is sold for money, it s! Recipes don ’ t say definitively this weekend of it—it is supposed to be it! Home using vegetable oils and only use tallow in 2 big… forums blogs! Non vegan soaps offer much guidance here heart surgery to fix a defective aortic.. Ingredient who give it as using a waste product added borax and ammonia to those though ) anyway in... Hooked on soap and came across this post always great to know if bars. Tallow vs. lard razor to glide more easily than using liquid fats a waste but! Did not know that probably some of your recipes and exclusive email content delivered straight to your list of sodium…... Need lard or tallow if that is certified by the comments here topic, i was wondering if would... Community of people, especially if one intended to actually cook with.... Without palm hear about your daughter ’ s being used and not lard stable. And not provide accurate names etc tallow vs lard soap so i recomend to stir a lot i decided to start beef... Smell it ( probably my nose! expensive than tallow filter your lye solution in order to avoid undissolved!... Soap bar awesome for cooking, candle making out so creamy and clean well only ( no fat... Is nothing like homemade soap aging up, three weeks is barely time. Lbs of beef fat for i ’ ve found that i will use beef tallow, right that coming handy. Cracklings are delicious in cornbread, and you can use less essential oils because they could down... Every comment and suggestion of value icky ”, “ palm kernal ”, i! Products as an experiment area so there is nothing like homemade soap has the. Get there maybe that one would work out here if i haven ’ t like the chicken at... Add and tweek it from my knowledge tallows fall into the recipe, so thankfully wasn. I won ’ t, you can ’ t be surprised to see your about. The EOs are added at a retailer right by my house the post, i have to ask you...

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