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Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Javier (2016) Actor World of Warcraft: Shadowlands (2020) Kenny sets out to find a boat for his group, but he soon discovers several niche survivors who possesses some. Gavin Hammon is the voice of Kenny in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. Kenny is generally characterized by needing a sense of purpose or, more specifically, protecting people, which Lee Everett noticed in \"Around Every Corner\". The video game is the only thing Max has voiced in and the only project he has been in so far. [2] He was a child actor at the Karamu House in Cleveland. ! David Henderson Fennoy (born January 20, 1952) is an American voice actor. 47 Male Ethnicity David Henderson Fennoy (born January 20, 1952) is an American The Athens-Clarke County Fire and Emergency Services announced on … Make sure to hit the to be notified when new videos are uploaded. Lee's choices throughout the season alter what kind of friendship he has with Kenny. Kenny was raised by his father, a man who taught Kenny about the makings of and how to repair broken cars (as he usually possessed nearly half-a-dozen wrecked vehicles in his garage at once). Years Active Might he still be alive? [citation needed] He began taking voiceover classes to remedy the situation. Radio Announcer. Kenny (voice) Cissy Jones ... Katjaa / Jolene / Brie (voice) Nicole Vigil ... Carley (voice) Sam Joan ... Doug (voice) Peter Edward Mussad ... Shawn Greene (voice) (as Peter Mussad) voiced by Ruby Butterfield. Before voice acting, Hammon was the drummer for Berkeley, California ska punk band, Dance Hall Crashers. Max Kaufman is a voice actor who supplied the voice of Kenny Jr., also known as "Duck", in Telltale Games'sThe Walking Dead: Season One. Ultra Mega Death Ray Interview By David G, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier > General Discussions > Topic Details. [citation needed], In February 1990, the radio station fired Fennoy, so he contacted Gilbert and moved to Los Angeles. In episode 2 Kenny kills her father after he has a heart attack, t… September 17, 1973 The following year, he voiced Bo Jackson in ProStars and later did many additional characters on Sonic the Hedgehog. Hair [5] In 1990, he voiced his first character in an animated series, Dick Scott in New Kids on the Block. ("The following program is brought to you with limited commercial interruption by...")[6]. Lee first meets him on Hershel's farm where his son almost dies at the hands of some walkers. With Jeff Schine, Melissa Hutchison, Carlos Antonio, Valerie Arem. One of his first jobs was as the voice of RoboCop in a telephonic RoboCop game. Max Kaufman … Dark Blond Fennoy was born in Silver Spring, Maryland and then moved to Cleveland, Ohio. Please include at least one social/website link containing a recent photo of the actor… Travis. Other Works. Kenny voiced by Ruby Butterfield. He has since made a homemade voice acting studio in the basement of his house. [citation needed] Once there, he quickly found himself voicing commercials, television promos and cartoons. He later returned and graduated from Howard University with a degree in jazz studies and a guitar minor. Video Game: The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Franchise: Walking Dead Fennoy left college when he began touring as a professional musician. [1] His video game roles have included Lee Everett in The Walking Dead, Bluebeard in The Wolf Among Us, Finch in Tales from the Borderlands, Gabriel the Warrior in Minecraft: Story Mode, and Lucius Fox in Batman: The Telltale Series, all five of which have been developed by Telltale Games. [3], Fennoy started as a DJ in the San Francisco bay area when he first became interested in voiceover work. Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out! Key A character with an "Unknown" status was alive when last seen, but was injured, lost, or unsecured since. In 2008, Fennoy began doing the five second voice-overs in the beginning of Hulu video clips. Lauren Ridloff (née Teruel; born April 6, 1978) is a deaf American actress known for her role as Connie on the TV series The [3] In his senior year of high school, he was president of the theater club and directed as well as performed in several plays, before attending Macalester College in St Paul Minnesota as a theater major. The following is a list of the various talented voice actors who played roles in The Walking Dead Season 1. Cop Radio. Portrays Before voice acting, Hammon was the drummer for Berkeley, California ska punk band, Dance Hall Crashers. Gavin Hammon is an American voice actor who portrayed Kenny in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead. Submissions should come only from the actors themselves, their parent/legal guardian or casting agency. Ogg also portrayed Rebus in the HBO series Westworld, and provides the voice of the main antagonist, Professor Venomous, in Cartoon Network's animated series OK K.O. voiced by Trevor Hoffmann. Fennoy lives with his wife, Monique. These flaws take over at times which allows him to get carried away, and act before thinking which at times proves reckless. One of his most notable roles, if not the most notable, has been that of Lee Everett in The Walking Dead by Telltale Games. Dish Network TV Spot, 'AMC: The Walking Dead' Featuring Norman Reedus. When starting an episode of the game through the first two seasons, his voice is the one that says "Previously, on The Walking Dead..." He bears a striking resemblance to Ezekiel, a character within the Walking Dead universe. In The Walking Dead season 6 finale, he made his debut as Simon, who is a member of the Saviors, the main antagonists in season 7, in which he became a recurring character. His nervous tendencies made him clam up in stressful situations, such as when he abandoned Clementine in Savannah when cornered by … voiced by Julian Kwasneski. [citation needed] In 1989, an agent by the name of Leigh Gilbert invited Fennoy to sign with her agency in Los Angeles. He used to lend his voice to radio until it was suggested to him by a colleague that he should attempt to pursue work as a voice actor. Video Game: The Walking Dead Franchise: Walking Dead [4] He created a demo tape, which was seen by Joan Spangler, a talent agent in San Francisco, who signed him. Gavin Hammon stops by IGN's weekly Walking Dead show to talk about being Lee's best friend. The following is a complete pictorial list of the characters in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead. Images of the voice actors who play the voice of Kenny in The Walking Dead: Season Two (Video Game) Image Gallery. He usually had a glum demeanor and was often in a depressed mood, as his traumatic experiences caused him to develop a pessimistic view of the world and a low opinion of himself. "Walking Dead" actor Khary Payton, who plays King Ezekial in the AMC hit series, took to social media Monday to introduce his 11-year-old transgender son, Karter, in … [citation needed], Learn how and when to remove this template message. Kenny noted that his father was a "mean son'a bitch, but he taught [him] respect". Gavin has appeared in many video games such as: The Wolf Among Us; Bakugan: Defenders of the Core; James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Protecting Katjaa and Duc… "INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Dave Fennoy (Lee Everett, The Walking Dead: The Game)", "The Walking Dead Interviews: Dave Fennoy as Lee Everett", "Voice Recognition - A Midlife Gamer Interview with Dave Fennoy", "Who is the voice on Hulu 'The following program is brought to you with limited commercials by....' - ChaCha",, Articles with short description added by PearBOT 5, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2013, BLP articles lacking sources from February 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Tetrax Shard of Dimension 23, Additional Voices, Globert, Boogly, Krog, Kramm, King, Sergeant, Ofrang, Bernard, Spanky, Kappa, Guard, others, Warlord Okeer, Ronald Taylor, Tarak, Turian Commuter, Batrider, Ember Spirit, Faceless Void, Huskar, Jakiro, Venomancer, Wraith King, LL Seet T, Sheriff Deputy, Pirates, Yoloti, Weskham Armaugh, Josef, Additional voices, Episode: "Requiem for a Third Grade Ashtray", Episode: "Sticky Hands and a Walk on the Wild Side", Episode: "A Baby Tooth and the Egyptian God of Knowledge", This page was last edited on 26 December 2020, at 05:28. Kenny has a tough time getting along with a woman named Lilly and the two fight throughout the first three episodes. Kenny deserves a lot, a lot more. Actor A… Gavin Hammon is the voice of Kenny in The Walking Dead. Jan 7, 2018 @ 10:12am Tripp and/or Ava (Spoilers) I think it's stupid how both Tripp and Ava die no matter what you do. Directed by Rebekah Gamin, Jason Latino, Jason Pyke. Kenny can become either one of his closest allies or someone he has bad tension with. voiced by Rebecca Schweitzer. Caucasian-American A teenage Clementine and a new survivor named Javier are brought together when a new threat worse than the dead arises. I finished the second season by going to Wellington without Kenny. Kenny's knowledge of mechanical engineering extended to boats due to his love of the water and traveling, tools that would aid him in the years following the outbreak. Ben. Occupation [4] He turned the offer down, as he was the morning DJ at local radio station KSOL at the time. Generally awkward, insecure and self-conscious, Ben lacked any sense of confidence or assertiveness, making him easily intimidated and pushed around by more imposing characters Lilly or Kenny. Gender I do like the part where the one you choose to save gets shot, though, it's a good moment. Gavin Hammon is an American voice actor who portrayed Kenny in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead. Born Dango Nguyen, a former Georgia firefighter and actor on "The Walking Dead," has died. Kenny is the Tritagonist of season 1 and appears in all five episodes. Loogi. Gavin has appeared in many video games such as: Gavin also appears in a few movies such as: Gavin has appeared in one movie short which was: Walking Dead Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

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