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Doctor Fate is the most powerful sorcerer in the DC Universe - and probably in all of comics. Whether or not Wonder Woman 2 ends up including Doctor Fate, there's quite a lot to be excited about with the upcoming film. Doctor Strange is misschien wel de grootste verrassing in de Marvel-reeks tot nu toe. - Kent Nelson, Absolute Justice, Part 1 Kent Nelson was a retired member of the Justice Society of America who could bond with the Helmet of Nabu to become Doctor Fate.. Doctor Fate was a member of the Justice League after the Thanagarian invasion. Doctor Strange serves as the Sorcerer Supreme, the primary protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats. Benedict Cumberbatch speelt het titelpersonage. Doctor Fate Joins the Injustice 2 Fight in New Trailer, Character Art. Doctor Fate has been confirmed as a character in the Black Adam movie, and they’re currently putting out a casting call for him. Directed by Ace Cruz. Doctor Fate, DC’s Master of the Mystic Arts will play a major role in Black Adam, a fact which we confirmed through our exclusive analysis of a recent casting call. This page contains a character guide for Doctor Fate in Injustice 2. Doctor Fate remained active within the group up until the middle of the decade when he withdrew in the year 1945. Nabu took pity on Kent, where he erased Kent's memory of his father and raised Kent as his apprentice, making him become Doctor Fate, Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. A hero with Doctor Fate's power may be what the JSA needs to keep Johnson's Black Adam in check. The inclusion of the Justice Society of America means that Black Adam will be something of an ensemble film. Doctor Stephen Strange is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.Created by artist Steve Ditko and writer Stan Lee, the character first appeared in Strange Tales #110 (cover-dated July 1963). Superhero Class. It is theorized that the version they are looking to use will be Khalid Nassour incarnation of Dr Fate, who first appears in the 2015 Doctor Fate #1.. Kent's destiny was already written and at the age of 12, his sheltered life would soon change Sven Nelson had decided to take his son Kent on a dig to the Valley of Ur in Mesopotamia to an archaeological site. Doctor Fate … Fate. However, next to Doctor Fate, there's no competition to who possesses better abilities. He wears numerous mystical artifacts, including the Cloak of Destiny, the Amulet of Anubis, and most famously, the Helmet of Fate - and is often guided by the spirit Nabu the Wise. Doctor Strange is een Amerikaanse superheldenfim uit 2016, geregisseerd door Scott Derrickson.. De film is gebaseerd op het Marvel Comics-personage Dr. 1 History 1.1 The New Dr. The most sorted Doctor Fate movies list along with animated films and Doctor Fate TV series list. The first issue variant, with cover art by Ibrahim Moustafa, is a 1 for 25 Retailer Incentive Variant. Is Warner Bros. planning to introduce Doctor Fate in Black Adam as The DC Films Universe's answer to Doctor Strange? Demons Three; Klarion (Earth-16) Benjamin Stoner (New Earth) Wotan (New Earth) ... DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. Reports for the movie are looking for a 40 to 50-year-old actor to play Fate, who will have a “strong supporting role” in the movie. The movie’s first half will be a period piece and the second half will be set in the modern day. Kent V. Nelson came into possession of the Helm of Nabu, succeeding Hector Hall as the new Dr. De naam Doctor Strange was twee maanden daarvoor ook al eens gebruikt, maar dan voor een superschurk. Fate at some point Kent Nelson returned to being Dr. With Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong. Certain characters just aren’t going to receive as much screen time as others, and it’s a blessing to discover that Dr. Warner Bros. are reportedly eyeing Michael Fassbender for the role of Doctor Fate in Dwayne Johnson's upcoming Black Adam movie. "Fate is a fickle thing." As of today, is reporting that DC has a Doctor Fate movie in the works. What it DOESN'T mean. While Kent Warner Bros. and DC Comics are reportedly developing a Doctor Fate movie. Miscellaneous This contains a list of all Doctor Fate villains in alphabetical order. He defeated the demon Karkull a century before the age of Superman. All articles should be tagged with the "{{Doctor Fate Villain}}" template. If you are unaware of the character all you need to know is that Doctor Fate is a mystical hero who derives his power from the golden helmet of Nabu. Doctor Fate movies No movies found with Doctor Fate. Doctor Fate is later inducted into the Justice League as well. Doctor Fate is a legacy of heroes in the realm of magic who act as agents of the Lords of Order in the battle against chaos, using the powerful Amulet of Anubis, Cloak of Destiny and Helmet of Fate. Directed by Patrick Archibald, Frank Paur, Dick Sebast. Directed by Scott Derrickson. A crippled and embittered doctor travels to a hidden community in Tibet where he learns of his true destiny as the Sorcerer Supreme of his world. While on a journey of physical and spiritual healing, a brilliant neurosurgeon is drawn into the world of the mystic arts. Try Blue Apron! We can’t help but wonder what will be in store for us with this magical character, so while we’re waiting for news, here’s what you should know about Doctor Fate! Here you’ll find movelists, combos, juggles and strategy guides and recommended gear for the Hero character. Doctor Fate Doctor Fate versus Doctor Strange (comics) - 9/10 times Doctor Fate Doctor Fate versus Doctor Strange (end of Doctor Strange Movie) - Easily Doctor Fate, he's not sorcerer supreme yet but clearly building his power First magic works differently in … 110 (juli 1963). By the end of the decade he had withdrawn completely from public activities. Trending pages. There seems to be a little heat for the first issue with some early adopters, but that is pretty much the end of the story. This concept has been explored from a variety of angles of the years, and with a new version recently teased on Twitter, it seems that Doctor Fate will receive yet another futuristic make-over! Giovanni Zatara appears in the DC Super Hero Girls TV series, voiced by Phil LaMarr. He is the grand-nephew of the original Doctor Fate, Kent Nelson. 1 History 1.1 Justice League 2 Powers and abilities 3 Appearances 3.1 Superman: The Animated Series 3.2 Justice League 3.3 Justice League Unlimited 4 References 5 External links Doctor Fate was far older than he appeared. Serial killers have plagued the American landscape for decades, committing gruesome atrocities, and providing some tough cases for criminal investigators to crack. Unfortunately, the casting call only referred to the character as Doctor Fate, providing no name for his alter ego. He came out of retirement and bonded with the helmet once more to help take down Icicle.Doctor Fate saw the fate of John Jones and allowed himself to be killed by Icicle to restore John's powers. Doctor Fate also has the Tower of Fate, a tower with no doors or windows that contains a multitude of spellbooks. With Michael Paré, Philip Michael Thomas, Lee Majors, Tamie Sheffield. The market has spoken on Doctor Fate’s upcoming movie appearance and the word is….meh! In the episode "Private Security", Nabu had agreed to release Zatara for one hour on a yearly basis to spend time with Zatanna before he has to return to being Doctor Fate. Doctor Strange is een fictieve tovenaar en superheld uit de strips van Marvel Comics.Hij werd bedacht door Stan Lee en Steve Ditko en verscheen voor het eerst in Strange Tales nr. Similar to Doctor Strange, DC Comics plans to introduce Doctor Fate. Guardians of the Galaxy was al een welkome afwisseling na een reeks saaie origin-films en sequels (Hulk/Thor/Iron Man 2), Ant-Man was ook prima, maar Dr. We Got This Covered reports there is already a story in place for Doctor Fate. The Superhero Database Classification number, or SHDB Class, is a number that represents the overall 'power' of a character. Doctor Fate aka Kent Nelson was born to Celestine Babcock Nelson, a spiritual and Sven Nelson, a archaeologist. Kent's mother died sometime after his birth under unknown circumstances. When he's not helping his friends, Fate has been known to stay in the tower and study those books, learning spells on his own so he doesn't have to depend on Nabu so much. Their report indicates the first half of the film will be a period piece while the second half will take place in the present. With Bryce Johnson, Paul Nakauchi, Kevin Michael Richardson, Michael Yama. Doctor Fate is here, apparently joining Batman's side against Superman and his legion of (former) super heroes. Dr. Kent Nelson is a physician who came across the helmet of Nabu and became Doctor Fate. For more Injustice 2 content, head over to our Injustice 2 top page. Details from a new casting call would certainly seem to suggest as much. According to We Got This Covered, it seems that a source has revealed that Warner Bros. might be looking to work on a movie based around Doctor Fate.In their article, they state that a story is already in place and that the first half of the movie will be a “period piece”, while the second half is … Additionally, Doctor Fate’s casting describes this as a strong supporting role. The first 3 issues of this run all have variants. Fate will be a supporting player. Strange en werd geproduceerd door Marvel Studios en verdeeld door Walt Disney Pictures en is de veertiende film van het Marvel Cinematic Universe en de tweede film van Phase Three. Kent Nelson is a kind academic but a terrifying force of nature who sounds and acts totally different when he transform in the powerful Doctor Fate. This thriller follows the travels of two detectives who are on the trail of a bizarre murderer intent on slaughtering his victims, … The sorcerer is set to make an appearance in the upcoming Black Adam movie, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Fate 1.2 DC Rebirth 1.3 Justice Society 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Powers 2.2 Abilities 3 Paraphernalia 3.1 Equipment 4 Notes 5 Trivia 6 Related 6.1 Footnotes After retiring as Dr. Click here to go to our Injustice 2 Heroes Directory! Doctor Fate has been around since the Golden Age, and in the comics, his reach spans from ancient times all the way into the distant future. Get your first 3 meals free at can only be one sorcerer supreme! All traits of a character are used for calculating the Classification. Kent Nelson was the original, given his powers by Nabu and residing in the Tower of Fate in Salem.

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